by tickey • Uploaded: Dec. 12 '09

Description: Leaves forming box :)

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: boxpackingleafGreen

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ALL4LEO said on Dec. 12 '09

Very nice ;)

tickey said on Dec. 12 '09

Thanks ALL4LEO ;)

dotflo said on Dec. 13 '09

sorry mate..just a heads up already used concept http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/68094

andreiu said on Dec. 13 '09

and if so, there is another one older than both of them: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/41582 :P

tickey said on Dec. 13 '09

Thanks for heads up, but no one who is serious about his freelance design career will 'stole' ideas from other designs and even if he does, I am sure, he will never display his 'skills' here at LP.

rkfinnegan said on Dec. 13 '09

Both of those links show compositions that are much different than Tickey's logo. Aren't leaves an obvious symbol of "going green"? And aren't boxes an obvious symbol of packing? There's bound to be designs with similar concepts that do in fact coexist in our world, and it seems like a lot of logopond members need to accept that fact.

Like the Beatles say, "There's nothing you can do that can't be done."

Chad Sanderson said on Dec. 13 '09

@ticky-You'd be surprised what people upload and don't think they'll get caught. That being said, one of the main points of an inspiration website like LP is to recieve feedback. When someone provides a link of a similar concept they are normally not asking you to abandon the idea, but let you know that you are not a stopping point- aka: You can extend your creativity to make this even more unique. No one here is really looking to re-invent the wheel- but to polish it, and give it some glow in the dark spinning rims.

I personally think this can stand alone from the two examples provided. That being said, this seems like a very easy solution to end on. Keep experimenting! It has some great potential. :)

dotflo said on Dec. 13 '09

wow...i didnt saw this commin :) thanks andreiu for finding this...what can i say, all the three logos share the same concept, of making a box outa leafs, i think we all respect logopeds work as we respect the work of all ponders out here, it happened before that people have the same ideas but there is also the rip off (one thing that i hate about this industry), both of us say that we came up with the concept (thing that is true on my side and i want to believe is true on yours), but maybe tickey, as a sign of maturity, we should both consider removing these items from our folios

tickey said on Dec. 14 '09

Hi dotflow, thanks for your comment.
Like what rkfinnegan and chad said, and there is endless discussion going on about using the similar concepts (whether you have seen it or not). The main point is execution, the result and self-metered honesty about what you do.
I am agree that there is always a room for improvement and my work is not an exception, but as far as 'removing' from folio is concern, I am totally disagree with you and even I don't see any similarity in these three logos. Like what Osho said "Express your individuality. Let existence be proud of you."

andreiu said on Dec. 14 '09

think outside the box! :)

firebrand said on Dec. 14 '09

I think all three of these can coexist. The executions are completely different IMO.

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