by Snowkai • Uploaded: Dec. 01 '09
Gallerized Dec. '09 b5391912a5e0573f5fbeedd372599d53.png

Description: logo for realtors company.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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avirto said on Dec. 01 '09

cool:) really like it

firebrand said on Dec. 01 '09

Love it.

entrepiso said on Dec. 01 '09

me encantÚ!

snowkai said on Dec. 01 '09

Thank you friends

Type08 said on Dec. 01 '09

...as usual, the bomb!

magicshadow said on Dec. 01 '09

nice style :)

snowkai said on Dec. 01 '09

Thank you Tipo08=)

brandclay said on Dec. 01 '09

faved, very nice. love the colors

Chad Sanderson said on Dec. 01 '09


logomotive said on Dec. 01 '09

very nice Snowkai.

joec said on Dec. 01 '09

Nice shades!

rincon said on Dec. 01 '09

hey welcome to the gallery, Really love it.

andreiu said on Dec. 01 '09


brandsimplicity said on Dec. 01 '09

Wow! Very nice.

fogra said on Dec. 02 '09

I'm a big fan of this and the rest of your work.

snowkai said on Dec. 03 '09

Thank you Fogra! I really like style of your work. And I have a gallery of your work on my comp ;-)

snowkai said on Dec. 03 '09

Thank you Mike)

davishama said on Dec. 06 '09

Awesome, man!

lundeja said on Dec. 08 '09

I'm probably alone here but I would love the mark a lot more in one color.

lundeja said on Dec. 08 '09

Actually I feel that way about a lot of your marks. Still great work, obviously.

JoePrince said on Dec. 08 '09

^All alone Jared :)

snowkai said on Dec. 09 '09

Actually this mark works good even in 1 color)

cseven said on Dec. 09 '09

Stunning. Great colour and motion.

serhos said on Dec. 09 '09

%u0412%u043E%u0442 %u0442%u0435%u043F%u0435%u0440%u044C %u0437%u043D%u0430%u0447%u0438%u0442%u0435%u043B%u044C%u043D%u043E %u043B%u0443%u0447%u0448%u0435 %u0431%u0435%u0437 %u0432%u044B%u0440%u0435%u0437%u043E%u0432 %u0432 %u0431%u0443%u043A%u043E%u0444%u0444%u043A%u0430%u0445.

serhos said on Dec. 09 '09

The letters looks much better yet=)

snowkai said on Dec. 09 '09

Lol hi mate))) Thx)

lundeja said on Dec. 09 '09

Oh no I wasn't saying it wouldn't work in one color. I know it would. Just saying I think I'd prefer it that way. Looks great either way, though.

snowkai said on Dec. 09 '09

okey )Thank you )

tass said on Dec. 09 '09

That colors make me see the movement in there! Beautiful!

snowkai said on Dec. 09 '09

Thank you, Tass)

snowkai said on Dec. 09 '09

I mean Alex

dannygdammit said on Dec. 09 '09

really nice

mfrank said on Dec. 09 '09

Beautiful color scheme. I'm jealous.

T√łmme said on Dec. 09 '09

very nice, such vibrant colors

tickey said on Dec. 09 '09

cool, simple, brilliant

robin21 said on Dec. 10 '09

Very nice! On the suitcase maybe too much gradient stuff, but remarkable anyway. Very energetic!

questdome said on Dec. 11 '09

great work mate

2nr6 said on Dec. 11 '09

beautiful color scheme.

designbuddy said on Dec. 12 '09

Great colors. Nice job

matjak said on Dec. 13 '09

Great work. Well done : )

libran005 said on Dec. 16 '09

Nice play with the gradients... Kwell work...!!

advanpixel said on Dec. 18 '09

I'm sure he is perfectly drunk and unable to propose any realty service right now. %)

michaelspitz said on Dec. 19 '09

Great color! Dig it!

konvivial said on Dec. 28 '09

lovely color work..................gr8 work

amjad-design said on Jan. 22 '10

awesome =]

carlos iglesias said on Mar. 23 '10

Very nice!

andrevaleiras said on Apr. 20 '10

nice illiustration! great!

folkupaul said on Jul. 16 '10


1ta said on Aug. 18 '11

nice color :o)

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