Martini House

by EBrown • Uploaded: Nov. 05 '09
Gallerized Nov. '09 e8c4f201f134cefc651663e38d9b70b3.png

Description: Martini House

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: MartiniHouseEverythingBarDrinks

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alexanderspliid said on Nov. 05 '09

The bottom'part of the martinies looks too clumsy imo.
But else... Very cool.

brad todd said on Nov. 05 '09

I agree, the foot of the glasses could be tightened up, otherwise cool design and great use of negative space.

Stephen James said on Nov. 05 '09

Maybe try use a rounded door! good neg space

alexanderspliid said on Nov. 05 '09

i dissagree with you on that one stephen. I think the "unrounded" door fits the edgy look of the glasses and the typo.

EBrown said on Nov. 05 '09

Thanks for the comments. I cleaned it up. Will repost a new one shortly.

EBrown said on Nov. 05 '09

Thanks for the feedback. The triangles work much better and I like the rounded door I think.

tass said on Nov. 05 '09

Looks like a great result to me! Congrats!

magicshadow said on Nov. 05 '09

great logo ;)

alexanderspliid said on Nov. 06 '09

yeah, the rounded door looks great, but it was the new "foots" that really took it there!.

Stephen James said on Nov. 06 '09

Love it with the rounded door. good job, loving the negative space and the new bottoms for the martini glass!

brad todd said on Nov. 06 '09

Wasn't sure about the rounded door at first, but seeing it has convinced me. The foot of the glasses looks much better too, great job on the revision.

EBrown said on Nov. 06 '09

Thanks everyone for the great feedback and comments appreciate it.

rincon said on Nov. 07 '09

hey Bingo, Congrat for being in the gallery

etyl said on Nov. 08 '09


lisa156 said on Nov. 08 '09

Like idea so much, but will work more on presentation.

cnasshan said on Nov. 08 '09

i think the whole negative-space-creating-a-house technique is being overused now... but still clever.

stevey17 said on Nov. 08 '09

excellent nice work

cseven said on Nov. 08 '09

Nicely done.

mfrank said on Nov. 08 '09

Gosh..this makes me want a martini. Good one!

EBrown said on Nov. 08 '09

Thanks again all for the comments.

lionxscar said on Nov. 09 '09

Simply beautiful! It's clean, simple and very memorable. Nice job EBrown.

clustah said on Nov. 10 '09

Very good work )

katenickerson said on Nov. 11 '09

I love this logo, but I wonder why the liquid is not flat when the glasses are.

emilb said on Nov. 11 '09

I think its a great idea, and it is well done, I like it!

First I see a house,
then I see two glasses of martini,
and lastly I see a gravestone.

I think you shoud make the door less round, that might take the gravestone away.

vasvari said on Nov. 11 '09

Fantastic idea! I like it!

EBrown said on Nov. 12 '09

Thanks for the comments.

MaNurs said on Nov. 16 '09

i love it!

clustah said on Nov. 18 '09

Simple style... 2 in 1 ) Very nice )))

Konstantine00X said on Jan. 16 '10

babe I like this one, it looks like it can be used for a place in the city or hoboken. trendyyyy..

joeyburger said on Jan. 18 '10

Incredible work babe

AVA said on Mar. 19 '10

Very clever design, looks great!

agingersnaps said on Apr. 13 '10

awesome work!

firebrand said on Aug. 06 '10

Good to see this featured in LosLogos:Compass. http://bit.ly/a89b76

ebrown said on Aug. 09 '10

Thanks, excited about having some work featured there. Can't wait to see it.

ru_ferret said on Oct. 29 '10

firebrand said on Oct. 29 '10

Yes, this plagiarist is also operating on Brandstack.

JoePrince said on Oct. 29 '10

^Everything in his folio is lifted...

ebrown said on Oct. 31 '10

Thanks for the heads up guys.

shtef sokolovich said on Jan. 16 '11

Here I am, the plagiarist. First, it was very very ease for me to get to this idea playing with letters ( which I like very much); I just took two Y letters and that was that. Second, I have dozens of ideas already done by others which I noticed and droped (in spite of that I have over 40 logos on brandstack). Third, take the Logolounge books (1,2,3,4,5) and you will find a dozens of the EXACTLY the same logos as here on logopond or brandstack. I dont think all this guys are plagiarist. Rather, it is very probable that you have idea which was already discovered. Are you 100% sure that all of your logos are unique? Im not.

shtef sokolovich said on Jan. 16 '11

And , yes, I'm 41 years old mathematician doing logo design for pure joy and to exercise my creativity.

outlander said on Feb. 16 '11

Simply great

Bernd said on Apr. 05 '11

yesssssss ... so good !!

sarba.dr said on Apr. 14 '11


tanker79 said on May. 17 '11

Amazing logo! I like the negative space effect!

ebrown said on May. 21 '11

Thanks Tanker79,Sarba,Bern,Outland.

321visual said on Jul. 24 '11

clever :)

Bernd said on Aug. 18 '11

I know its different ... but ... ;P


MiroKozel said on May. 09 '12


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