by Rincon • Uploaded: Oct. 14 '09
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Description: according to your suggestions, I did some exercises and changed the typeface, thanks for your feedback, I hope you like it
can see the original version at:

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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rincon said on Oct. 14 '09

thanx mircea mocanu, Zephyr, mude for all your feedback

S.vanElderen said on Oct. 14 '09

I like this alot!

Chad Sanderson said on Oct. 14 '09

Oy! This another beauty. I'm loving the type treatment.

Hookedondesign said on Oct. 14 '09

Very nice!!

zephyr said on Oct. 15 '09

Definitely prefer this type! Well done!

JohnM said on Oct. 18 '09

brilliant work!

javaap said on Oct. 18 '09

Great job on the type, now all of it looks great!

almosh82 said on Oct. 18 '09

lovely work!Definitely a fave!

rincon said on Oct. 18 '09

I have no words to thank you, your feedback give me much encouragement to keep working hard

logoboom said on Oct. 18 '09

Now you get my float! Very nice.

dsauna said on Oct. 19 '09

This logo is beautiful. Great job

regnum said on Oct. 20 '09

very good ;)

Creative Squall said on Oct. 20 '09

Excellent type.

dadado said on Oct. 21 '09

a craftsman's logo, made by a talented hand. well done.

JF said on Oct. 21 '09

Rincon, why isn't this version on that place whose name we do not speak of? :) This version is far better, imo....

rincon said on Oct. 21 '09

hey Jf you noticed, jejeeje, the problem is that I made a mistake when uploading to that place and uploaded the old version of this logo, but anyways iŽve gotten very good reviews there, thanx brother.

JF said on Oct. 22 '09

So, you're not uploading this one? Aww....

Hey, don't know if this would sway you...but with this one, you can say it's been awarded a coveted spot in the gallery here. Or, if mentioning this site is, well, verboten there...you can just say that it's an award-winning logo. Gallery placement is a type of award, no? Could be mistaken there, but I always view it as an award, even if not directly mentioned as such.

Regardless of my preference......this version got a lotta feedback before you used this type, right? Honestly, this site is a great raw, forthright, and direct place for help like that. I'd take it and run with it. USE THIS ONE! :)

rincon said on Oct. 22 '09

hey JF soon I will be updating the logo with this version, thank you for your good comments and feedback, weŽll continue growing together in this great site, greetings

cleverbrand said on Oct. 24 '09

just great :)

mohawkstudios said on Oct. 25 '09

Really like this one. Only one minor, minor thing I would adjust. The kerning between the second "a" and the "t" needs to be a pixel tighter, in my opinion.

Still, very awesome logo, love it.

foxmith said on Oct. 27 '09


lumavine said on Aug. 21 '10

Very nice! Really earthy feel.

angelfnx said on Oct. 31 '11

nice, like the typeface

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