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Description: Logo Done for pioneer Rubber and Gasket. Copyright Mike Erickson and Logo Motive Designs and Respected owners. © 2000-2009.

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OcularInk said on Oct. 09 '09

Nice use of negative space.

m1sternoname said on Oct. 09 '09

Nice! Is that aviano slab I see?

rincon said on Oct. 09 '09

waooo, nice one as always

firebrand said on Oct. 09 '09

You own this style.

Type08 said on Oct. 09 '09

MIKE stands for: M-ay I K-ill (your) E-go?

lundeja said on Oct. 09 '09


geniuslogo said on Oct. 09 '09

I love this style Mike!

logomotive said on Oct. 09 '09

Whatever ya all said and all, like Masquables Thanks! This is an old logo. been a while since I have done this style. Got kinda lazy.... and liked the minimalistic designs.
@Floris it's a Letterhead font designed by Chuck http://www.letterheadfonts.com/fonts/fancyfullround.shtml

logomotive said on Oct. 09 '09

By the way tell Chuck I sent ya for it. It works NICE on a curved path.

logomotive said on Oct. 09 '09

Roy, by the way. This is probably the only reason I am around today. This style is what set the stage for me.

lundeja said on Oct. 09 '09

Masquables is the highest form of honor one can receive.

logomotive said on Oct. 09 '09

Well I am honored and humbled :) thanks for the definition, guess my vocabulary needs improvement ;)

Art Machine said on Oct. 09 '09


logomotive said on Oct. 09 '09

Thanks Julian, hows Biz ;)

Rokac said on Oct. 09 '09

Wow. Great stuff.

LaurentT said on Oct. 09 '09

this will make gallery

logoboom said on Oct. 09 '09

Very balanced use of detail. Nice feel

lundeja said on Oct. 09 '09

Any idea how many different color schemes they have in use? I notice they use a purple/orange and a blue/orange on their website.

m1sternoname said on Oct. 10 '09

thanks for the tip Mike!

sdijock said on Oct. 10 '09

Saw this one in the gallery on Letterhead Fonts. Really nice, as always.

logomotive said on Oct. 10 '09

Thanks Guys. Jared No I have not seen it in a while. I suggested monochrome, but hey.
Thanks Steve, yeah Been on there for some time now.

eziemac said on Oct. 10 '09

This is incredible, Mike!

rudy hurtado said on Oct. 10 '09

Wooaw! Mike, nice work here brother... Timeless.

logomotive said on Oct. 10 '09

Thanks Euan and Rudy.

Chad Sanderson said on Oct. 10 '09

If you don't mind, I would really appreciate it if you could just let me have this.

logomotive said on Oct. 11 '09

Well since you asked so nicely...? ;)

michaelspitz said on Oct. 13 '09

Sweet indeed!

logomotive said on Oct. 18 '09

Thanks Michaelspitz

oronoz ® said on Oct. 18 '09

Amazing work Mike!! Love it!!

Tømme said on Oct. 18 '09


lboi said on Oct. 18 '09


ahab said on Oct. 18 '09

Roy's right. You are killer at the crests. And um, logo design in general I think. I will always want to punch your abilities. They are ridiculous.
Great work, Mike.

Lecart said on Oct. 18 '09

This goes straight to my very selective fav list, haha :)

logomotive said on Oct. 18 '09

Oronoz, just trying to keep up with you ;)
Tomme, thanks bud.
LBOI, thanks again ;)
Ahab, thanks but please don't punch me.
Lecart, thanks woohoo love to make favs.

JF said on Oct. 19 '09

Love this look. Very stylized; prefer these to minimalistic logos any day. One thing that is very cool about this one is...even when scaled down to smaller sizes (shrunk), you don't lose the details [unlike others one might see]. Fabulous.

janzabransky said on Oct. 19 '09

I agree, Yeh ur right JF, this oldschool logos done with attention on detail are truly upstanding in our times. But I see perspective in minimalictis logos, too.

felro said on Oct. 19 '09

I'm digging this Mike, keep em coming

j0E said on Oct. 20 '09

i like your style

logomotive said on Oct. 22 '09

Thanks Guys, Have not done too many Illustrated ones lately and kinda missing it.

basi_studio said on Oct. 23 '09


bigoodis said on Feb. 26 '10

veeery nice work!

logomotive said on Mar. 15 '10

Thanks basi and Ivan.

ahmetbarin said on Oct. 31 '10

ooooww :) Good great type

Pierro said on Nov. 03 '10

The best of your showcase. :|

logomotive said on Feb. 09 '11

Thanks again ahmetbarin .Thanks Pierro matter of opinion I guess.

cnasshan said on Jun. 28 '11

This is stunning

logomotive said on Jun. 30 '11

Thank you Nash.

action said on Jul. 14 '11


toddfooshee said on Jul. 21 '11

All of your emblem/badge work is great. Super inspiring.

logomotive said on Aug. 31 '11

Thanks Action and Toddfooshee.

logomotive said on Oct. 29 '11

A Good friend of mine saw This logo at Walmart holding a bunch of pupmkins. Think it's a Rip? http://twitpic.com/77toh4

Sean Heisler said on Oct. 29 '11

Holy mother of god, that looks like a rip to me! Geez. if your mark is in use you should let the client know.

logomotive said on Oct. 29 '11

I know Sean, you never would think a Really Illustrative Logo would be but Yes they do. Unbelievable.

lumavine said on Oct. 29 '11

So sad.

ghanyleo said on Jan. 01 '13

i like this

Logomotive said on Sep. 09 '15

I forgot the Pumpkin factor!!

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