Arts Magazine

by HitByReindeer • Uploaded: Oct. 01 '09

Description: For a magazine in my school that deals with design-related topics. ©Rodolfo Carrillo

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: artsdesignrevistapublicationdesign

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rudy hurtado said on Oct. 01 '09

Beautiful Rodolfo, love the simplicity but strong brand!

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 01 '09

Thanks Rodolfo! Im really glad you like it

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 01 '09

logoboom, rokac, lalohead and of course rudy, thanks for the float!

dotflo said on Oct. 01 '09

i really like this..great mark

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 02 '09

thanks dotflo! and may I just say your gallery is superb! :)

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 05 '09

momentum, dotflo, climax, pajga, mikeyn, i appreciate your vote :)

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 05 '09

nima, thanks for the float

Lecart said on Oct. 15 '09

This is a great mark mate, is it me, or the mark is slightly wider than the type? I'm not really sold on the balance there, type-mark, nonetheless i really like it.

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 15 '09

I see what you mean, they're supposed to be same width but the eye doesn't always agree with geometry i guess, i'll check the .ai anyways, and thanks for your comments lecart, they mean a lot!

AlexWende said on Jun. 13 '10

nice, smart solution :)

hitbyreindeer said on Jun. 13 '10

thanks alex :)

azdesign said on Sep. 06 '10

really like this one

libran005 said on Sep. 06 '10

Simple and nice :-) likey

hitbyreindeer said on Sep. 06 '10

Andrea and Bharat, thanks for your comments I really appreciate it.

brionisaacs said on Jan. 30 '11

Hey, great logo. Very clever yet not overdone. Well done. ha

richardbaird said on Feb. 02 '11

Great mark, I would try and balance the weight of the type and mark a bit more.

hitbyreindeer said on Jun. 26 '11

Brion and Richard, thanks for the input guys!

cnasshan said on Jul. 11 '11


hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 13 '11

slight update: heavier type :)

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 14 '11

Glad you like it, Nash!

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