by sbdesign • Uploaded: Sep. 30 '09
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Description: New series of Japanese knives for women

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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fogra said on Sep. 30 '09

Nice script and a good choice of tag line font too.

Type08 said on Sep. 30 '09

I agree with Sean. Very nice!

firebrand said on Sep. 30 '09

Beautiful flow.

birofunk said on Sep. 30 '09

agree with all three above, lovely flowing type

tass said on Sep. 30 '09

looks very nice but i tend to read it as femine a bit...

rabbit_hoang said on Sep. 30 '09

i like the script. Did you draw it ?

Farmill said on Sep. 30 '09

Very nice, but I'm afraid I also read Femine, might wanna change that a a little. Great mark nonetheless.

sbdesign said on Sep. 30 '09

Yes, this font drawn by hand

serhos said on Sep. 30 '09

As I said earlier great lettering!

sbdesign said on Sep. 30 '09

earlier great lettering - This is not necessarily

Andrea Orazzo Associati said on Sep. 30 '09

nice typo

serhos said on Sep. 30 '09

As I said earlier, great lettering!
(Kak ja uzhe pisal, otlichnaya tipographika)

KonradK said on Oct. 01 '09

very cool.

sbdesign said on Oct. 01 '09

Thank's Serhos :) sorry za moy english:)

cseven said on Oct. 01 '09

Beautiful typography.

brandsimplicity said on Oct. 01 '09

Oh my goodness, this is classy!

gizm0 said on Oct. 02 '09

da vse ahuenna da =)

jsae said on Oct. 02 '09

fantastic, elegant logotype!
....but why is "The" capitalized and "japanese" not?
shouldn't the j be uppercase (J)...or if not, the T should be lowercase (t), right?

sbdesign said on Oct. 02 '09

sorry, it's corporate slogan

jsae said on Oct. 03 '09

oh, okay...not your fault, then!

dhalarewich said on Oct. 15 '09

I definitely read femine, but the style is terrific. The script looks terrific. Floater

Type and Signs said on Dec. 22 '11

very nice lettering ... do you know Lorena's calligraphy ??

sbdesign said on Jan. 02 '12

Hi Bernd. Yes, Lorena has an excellent command of calligraphy!
Sorry for my English:)

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