Chunky Burger

by cleos • Uploaded: Sep. 05 '09
Gallerized Sep. '09 66aa12221f5a6b30893a0e136dc590d3.png

Description: A logotype for a fast food restaurant.Still in development.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Type08 said on Sep. 05 '09

Well done, Cleos!

serhos said on Sep. 05 '09

Nice work!

rudy hurtado said on Sep. 05 '09

Beautiful work.

oski said on Sep. 05 '09

I like it a lot, great job!

fogra said on Sep. 05 '09

It is really nice and I could see working well on all branding items.

etherflame said on Sep. 05 '09

I can just visualize this logo on burger boxes, posters and restaurants. :P

I like it!

JF said on Sep. 05 '09

Super nice work, cleos. I love seeing well-done typography like this. I see great branding potential with this.

!mude said on Sep. 06 '09

Looks great.

gregidea said on Sep. 06 '09

Is this for the restaurant in San Antonio that was on Man vs. Food?

cleos said on Sep. 07 '09

thanks guys :),
gregidea - nope :)

geniuslogo said on Sep. 07 '09

Fantastic typo!

crislabno said on Sep. 07 '09

lovely type treatment

Petro said on Sep. 07 '09

Very nice logo. But i think that some letters (k & r) are too similar, it may interfere to perception.

Tømme said on Sep. 07 '09

very neat execution, good job!

cleos said on Sep. 09 '09

once again, thanks :)

CT7 said on Sep. 09 '09

Great custom wordmark, it's obvious you have talent.

Unfortunately it just doesn't say "Chunky Burger". There is nothing really chunky about it. I see flames and a marshmellow like shape in the B.

I wanna see big, fat, barreling, chunky type and then maybe incorporate some flame like feel on the top of the letterforms or done in negative space from the bottom.

stchoco said on Sep. 12 '09

I agree with CT7 you have a lot of talent. The type is great
but it doesn't make me think of burgers

jp arevalo said on Sep. 17 '09

I think that a logo doesn't work like that. McDonalds don't say anything about burgers and work excellent for crapy burgers that make people going fat. This logo is excellent for a restaurant like this. This will be a great mark.

dhalarewich said on Oct. 15 '09

I think the logo is excellent. The typography is great. I don't really like how the K and R look the same though. But it's not a huge problem, just annoyes my eyes a little. Overall, great job, and floatered

magicshadow said on Nov. 05 '09

grat logotype :)

cerise said on Nov. 05 '09

Yeh really great

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