screwed code

by dotflo • Uploaded: Jul. 20 '09
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Description: idea while working

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: programmerscrewed codecodescrew

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coy said on Jul. 20 '09


dotflo said on Jul. 20 '09

thanks coy

Siah-Design said on Jul. 20 '09

One of the better "code" logos I've seen in this "code craze" lately. :D

dotflo said on Jul. 21 '09

:))...yea i've seen this "code craze"...thanks siah and lefty for ure support

lundeja said on Nov. 04 '09

I almost spit my coffee onto the keyboard. Can't believe I haven't seen this. I feel this way daily :):)

logomotive said on Nov. 04 '09

Ha one of the best code logos.

brandsimplicity said on Nov. 04 '09

So fricken clever.

epsilon said on Nov. 04 '09

Nice mark, but a combination of non-alphabetic symbols is not a _code_. Call it "screwed by a slash" or something :-)

logomotive said on Nov. 04 '09

^ Thats exactly why it's screwed code. Not that I would know any different ;)

lundeja said on Nov. 04 '09

@epsilon Yeah, I think all of the coding logos on this site misrepresent it. I laughed at what logomotive said because this really makes much more sense now. At least this one includes characters common to most forms of code. Some others I've seen don't even do that.

epsilon said on Nov. 04 '09

> Thats exactly why it's screwed code.

hahaha .. that's deep, dude .. true and very funny

saawan said on Nov. 05 '09

Nice! Digging this one!

dotflo said on Nov. 06 '09

:)) thanks guys...what can i say...this really is screwed code

adloram said on Feb. 10 '10

genial :)

plantingseeds said on Mar. 20 '10

hahaha nice idea.

dotflo said on Apr. 09 '10

haha, thanks for the gallery spot david, seems i messed up my xhtml code :))

mcdseven said on Apr. 09 '10

nice job Dotflo!

Pierro said on Apr. 09 '10

Very clever. I do agree with all!

dotflo said on Apr. 09 '10

thanks dalius, paul and piero,

Mikeymike said on Apr. 09 '10

clever indeed. fun.

logotivity said on Apr. 09 '10

I was expecting this was one f siah's clever designs.. Great job though, really cool

JF said on Apr. 09 '10

Exceptionally cool. Nice work!

ethereal said on Apr. 09 '10

I remember when there was a lot of these going around, this is a great one, Capota! Very clever.

dotflo said on Apr. 09 '10

Cheers fellas :)

chrislyle design said on Apr. 11 '10

dig it.

MatthewBecker said on Apr. 22 '10

Very clever. I love it. Good job.

Kliment said on May. 21 '10

hehehe very nice ;))

manwhoel said on May. 30 '10

took a bit to get it, but once I did was nice, grear work.

daxar said on Jun. 09 '10


dotflo said on Jul. 12 '10

thank u gents

julium said on Aug. 09 '10

Simple and effective.

hyperborea said on Nov. 29 '10

yeah and I like this one of yours. it makes me smile:)

trbritt said on Dec. 04 '10

You mentioned that this was just for fun while working, but if you decide to refine the mark, you might try a monospaced coder font for the type, or, to modernize that particular feel, you could try a slab serif. :) I love the concept, though.

action said on Mar. 08 '11

OMG wow!

dotflo said on Apr. 18 '11

@trbritt, a fine idea, thanks, will try it one of these days
thanks again guys

camisa15 said on Oct. 12 '11

i love this :)

JohnDervishi said on Apr. 27 '13

agree^ one of the best code logos :)

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