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by humanot • Uploaded: Jan. 25 '07
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Description: With the 50th anniversary of the hockey club quickly approaching, the timing for an update of the identity seems proper. In the ideas here, I have tried to retain the sense of history within the current identity, while updating some key components.

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peclat said on Jan. 20 '09

Well guys the poster of this should have the common sense and should use his own creativity, if he has any. Just take a look at
this poster just plagiarismed that america's edu logo!

THEArtistT said on Jan. 21 '09

So broken down this is a direct copy of the logo, not an original concept at all. Shouldn't this logo be removed? Hello? Logo police?

lundeja said on Jan. 21 '09 copied this logo I'm assuming, not the other way around. Look at the quality difference between the two.

bartodell said on Jan. 21 '09

John aka Humanot is one of the more developed and recognized sports branding designers. I have known of him and his work for some time now. Some of you people on here need to take a step back and look at someone's portfolio vs basing your claims off of the internet.

In this day and age anyone can take someone else's work and claim it as their own, which in this case is what has done. Their website does not even have the same style in design as this logo. That should have been your first clue right there. If the styles are different. Then more than likely the latter is in the wrong. Plenty of us all have done this in times past. But when you make postings like this online you can be ruining someone's career much less income.

Sit back, relax, and breathe. Then look at the two with fresh eyes once again. Then make your decision based off of what you know.

epsilon said on Jan. 21 '09

I would suggest looking at humanot profile before starting to throw the accusations around. To me it's obvious that it was .edu who "got inspired", not the other way around.

THEArtistT said on Jan. 21 '09

I was going to make that assumption as well, but his description says the logo is a recent concept and the copyright I found on the site is 2007. I'm waiting for humanot to explain.

THEArtistT said on Jan. 21 '09

When I say logo police, I mean someone should get the facts and let the rest of us know. I would rather be convinced a logopond contributor is always in the right.

gyui said on Jan. 21 '09

Logopoliceman Tonfue to the rescue! :P

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 21 '09

No kiddin' Jon. You can tell they were hacks by the way the placed the new type on the logo.

@THEArtist: Humanot's post here is dated Jan 07. needs to step up and kick some arse.

OcularInk said on Jan. 21 '09

Oh, the drama!

mr. m said on Jan. 21 '09

Maybe people shouldn't make assumptions and throw accusations around when they don't have any solid facts at all. Even looking at the logos, you can tell the logo had text imposed over humanot's logo. There's no contour, no curve, and the font doesn't even MATCH the style of the logo where the one posted here matches EXACTLY. It's just straight sanserif. Not to mention the .edu just shoved on the side. Maybe we, as industry professionals and students, should put some faith in our colleagues? And maybe when something like this comes up we should bring it up privately, or at the very least if it is brought up publicly, not be a total jerk about it and imply that the person in question has no creativity. For real people, shouldn't we watch one another's back instead of pouncing on it like some kind of disgruntled 12 year old whose boyfriend just dumped her for her slightly better developed best friend?

mr. m said on Jan. 21 '09

Just as a side point, the accuser has one logo uploaded, which isn't very original, but beyond that the description is one of those ones that say "A great logo perfect for any industry! It's got lots of personality, just look at it!" So full of himself that he talks other people down to make himself feel better. This is good work, and an excellent logo man. Don't let jealous people get you down.

THEArtistT said on Jan. 21 '09

I must apologize for myself. I did a knee jerk post without doing as epsilon advised and look at his showcase first. Once I did it was patently obvious. No excuses. Please pardon my behavior. I usually sit back and wait until others who have been around longer have posted in response to such an allegation before chiming in. I will go back to that post haste.

THEArtistT said on Jan. 22 '09

In my apology I should have said "as Bart advised". Epsilon did mention it as well, but Bart was first and said it best.

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