Turtle Island

by lundeja • Uploaded: May. 18 '09
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Description: Not gonna pretend that I'm inventing the wheel by doing a turtle mosaic. I think I put a unique spin on it, though. I found a shape that I wanted to work with, sort of an imperfect triangular stone and I worked it into the shape of a turtle which ended up looking like a star as well.... so bonus I guess.

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Status: Client work

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dimARTirosov said on May. 19 '09

Great mark you've got here, i like it.
I think you need to take all the center triangulars (i mean everything except the legs and head) and just move them down just i tiny bit, that way it would be centered to all the legs and won't be so close to the head.

Thats it :) oh and i like the colors as well!

lundeja said on May. 19 '09

Thanks Dima! Fixed as per your suggestion.

rudy hurtado said on May. 19 '09

Great mark/brand, colours work well together, nice job.

lundeja said on May. 19 '09

Thanks Rudy, Toni.

theartistt said on May. 24 '09

my husband is writing a trilogy called "Turtle Island" (copyright 2008) and I'm totally pissed at you... I'll get over it eventually... (grumbles) good mark...

logomotive said on May. 24 '09

Jared, I think there is so much more potential here? I like it but think I see more opportunities geometrically. Even with the current triangular shapes.

lundeja said on May. 24 '09

LOL, Trish. Sorry :)

Mike, thanks for your input. I'll have to explore it a bit more and hopefully see what you see.

typographics said on May. 25 '09

Seems like the typography needs some attention. The icon is a mosaic of rounded stones, which people would relate to objects found in nature, but then you have a very corporate typeface. They don't seem to mesh well together. Something a little more hand written? It is a spa after all. Maybe just write out the name and scan it in? Perhaps take a typeface and grunge it up slightly. Try different things, but this current typeface doesn't seem appropriate.

BK said on May. 25 '09

Anyone else see an "I" down the center of the turtle's back? The arms could make a "T" as well, but the spacing is needed. My eye is drawn there for some reason. I would try matching that with a serif font...just a suggestion. Nice work though!

jennyb said on May. 25 '09

Elegant, yet cute, all at once. Very nice!

hitbyreindeer said on May. 25 '09

simple, fresh, cute and sleek. Wonderful execution :)

grigoriou said on May. 26 '09

i think its pretty much perfect as is jared. when i look at this i instantly see a cluster of islands from a birds eye view. its great.

and quit it with all this humility. you done good and thats that! :)

lundeja said on May. 26 '09

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone.

Greg, thanks man haha. I'm still working on building the ego.

Ocularink said on May. 28 '09

Nice one, Jared. Wondering if you can go slightly darker with the background color so the type treatment shows up better. Nice job, though, bud.

lundeja said on May. 28 '09

Thanks Kevin, that was one of the things I was wondering about.

gold coast website design said on May. 28 '09

Nice work but looks familiar...

lundeja said on May. 29 '09


barryconvex said on Jul. 29 '09

Very nice, without being too cute.

andreiu said on Jul. 29 '09

nice mark and the font goes very well!

JoePrince said on Jul. 17 '10

Hey Jared, where you been bud?

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