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Description: Logo for a low cost Airline.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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ilyagleikh said on Apr. 24 '07

sounds a bit more like viagra type medication. bad name for airline. because of that the symbol need to be more clear as to what the company does. just a thought :)

brandsimplicity said on May. 28 '07

Great design,very striking.This is going straight to my favs.

xzentrico said on Jun. 02 '07

I have seen that logo before. Great job!

evdbent said on Jun. 13 '07

love the logo, but not for an airline

Kliment said on Jun. 28 '07

very nice ;))

s7even said on Jun. 30 '07

I agree with brandsimplicity - tight mark.. def goin in my favs

erifreak said on Jul. 03 '07

Bravo ideograma! :D

shmoo said on Jul. 04 '07

very cute !

guezworks said on Jul. 09 '07

One of my favorites here.

gustavoe said on Jul. 10 '07

I'm familiar with your work... Ideograma was part of a Design Conference that I was lucky to be a part of as an event planer a few years back in Hermosillo. It's called Creactivo. Congrats on Volaris... it's chingon! ;)

tomonet said on Jul. 18 '07

even tho the pixel aspect may have been used several times most design is just a mimetic echo of something else. what i do love about this one is the concept of the polaris star and the colours used. nice work.

sans said on Jul. 30 '07

It's hard not to think of Kluwer when being exposed to this mark. But there's only so many directions one can go with this type of treatment without risking doing something not done before. That said, execution (given the background) is done pretty good.

I'm not entirely convinced about the composition altogether (would have moved mark and type closer) but that is merely a personal preference.

liquisoft said on Nov. 25 '07

I was in San Diego, for Thanksgiving, and saw this logo in use on busses and bus terminals. Although I like the logo on screen, the logo really translated poorly into print. I suspect most of the poor translation is due to a lack of quality control or management over the printing of signs, kiosks, etc and not a problem with the logo itself.

pokayoke said on Aug. 05 '08

How it will in Black-White?

wakbrdfr said on Dec. 22 '08

This logo is very similar to the Wolters Kluwer logo...

chrisrojo said on Oct. 28 '09

This logo is amazing!

Pinche said on Dec. 12 '09

Volaris is an aeroline comercial from Mexico.
you made it the logo?

Pierro said on Mar. 06 '11

I love every one of your logos :D Where are you?

mcdseven said on Mar. 06 '11

yeah fantastic work.

Rosalind said on Jun. 28 '12

Thanks for all the comments! We are Ideograma Consultores, we are based in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, and also have an office in Montreal, Canada.
Our page: www.ideograma.com

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