by ArtMachine • Uploaded: Mar. 13 '09
Gallerized May. '10 e7750a6e1cd7a7597f03cfa4ff6a867c.png

Description: Logo proposal for a House/Electro club.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Art Machine said on Mar. 13 '09

Type08 said on Mar. 13 '09

Great job, Julian! Looks awesome!

Art Machine said on Mar. 13 '09

Thanks, man.

penflare said on Mar. 13 '09

Yeah really liked the presentation on behance, great job

Paul Rand said on Mar. 13 '09

This is simple yet so well designed.
The background color is perfect.

epsilon said on Mar. 13 '09

Very impressive Behance presentation indeed.

janzabransky said on Mar. 14 '09

Vey good job, I love it

Art Machine said on Mar. 14 '09

Thanks a bunch, guys.

firebrand said on Mar. 14 '09

Yes once again, very nice Behance presentation.

logomotive said on Mar. 14 '09

Your presentation really sells it,keep up the great work.

Art Machine said on Mar. 14 '09

Thanks Roy and Mike. Well, unfortunately it didn't sell it to the client. That goes for my other concept as well.
I just uploaded it "here":http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/56529

Art Machine said on Mar. 21 '09

This is now featured on the "Behance.net":www.behance.net frontpage.

firebrand said on Mar. 21 '09

Well done, Art!

myckyc said on Mar. 21 '09

wow! good job

Art Machine said on Mar. 23 '09

Thanks guys

OcularInk said on Sep. 01 '09

Great presentation indeed. How did I miss this?

crislabno said on Sep. 09 '09

I love it.

Art Machine said on Sep. 09 '09

And I love you for that Cris. Hehe.

pierro said on Apr. 10 '10

I think this place is empty in the gallery, is indescribable.

michaelspitz said on Apr. 10 '10

Love it! Excellent BH presentation!

Art Machine said on Apr. 14 '10

I appreciate it, Pierro and Michael.

JoePrince said on Apr. 14 '10

Always enjoyed this one on Behance Julian, nice work mate.

crislabno said on May. 21 '10

love it, weird that I didn't comment it.

raja said on May. 21 '10

artmicahine - nice letters

(Not directed to you ArtMachine as we go back more than 5 years)

ClimaxDesign - there's been this useless trend for the last couple of years of 'logo presentation' and 'design for designers' going on - a lot of back-patting really and sometimes an attempt to demonstrate expertise one should have and not prove - a lot of fluff to compensate for what is often a lack-luster logo. Also sometimes to show a perceived advantage over un-schooled designers. It get's it's share of oohs and ahhs from peers but I see zero client value / benefit. Only my opinion.

logoholik said on May. 21 '10

I think it is a valid sales technique at least ;)

Art Machine said on May. 21 '10

While I don't think these images are "necessary" I
think they serve well as a more in-depth view of the details & anatomy of the design, especially in type-only work.

joeprince said on May. 21 '10

I completely agree with Raja. It is simply a trend on Behance and serves no real value or purpose except for the additional commendation of peers. As Tony said, nobody designs that way; they are mere afterthoughts. Anyone can design a logo then afterward throw pretty colored-lines around it to outline its shape. Who does that benefit?

alexanderspliid said on May. 21 '10

Agree with Bojan and Anthony, it is not much more than a sales technique, and i really think it does work. I think it makes the client feel like they are dealing with someone "educated" that knows good craftsmanship.

logomotive said on May. 21 '10

ha Julian..Love your sense of humor.:)

Art Machine said on May. 21 '10

Oh c'mon, David. I already commented on what my thoughts were above and since I noticed the amount of comments about the topic I thought I'd make a little joke.
__"Why so serious?"__ ;)

logomotive said on May. 21 '10

Ya David, he was poking fun at himself anyhow?

Art Machine said on May. 21 '10

Lol, apparently my joke cost me the gallery spot. Funny move, David.

logomotive said on May. 21 '10

I'd much rather see your humor than to hold back just for gallery. I'll just ponder over to your showcase to see it now :)

JoePrince said on May. 21 '10

Haha Julian, sorry to see David remove this one. I got a nice chuckle from what you did :)

logomotive said on May. 21 '10

David, maybe you should have contacted Julian (ARTMACHINE)? before removing? and described why you might. I think Julian was just trying to lighten up the stuffy atmosphere here.

logomotive said on May. 21 '10

^ you already Do David, just a friendly suggestion.:)

Art Machine said on May. 21 '10

Have a great weekend everybody. :)

logomotive said on May. 21 '10

U2 Julian, think I'll go hit the oxygen bar.

nido said on May. 21 '10

I popped in earlier... when the discussion was getting interesting... was looking forward to how it developed...

sad to see it went south as opposed to some really insiteful stuff...

jerron said on May. 21 '10

personally, I take it further and convert the points into feet and build my logos with lumber to present to the client. :)

logoholik said on May. 21 '10

gosh, so much drama over plain four letters ;) (that i am glad to see on fp again :)

Art Machine said on May. 21 '10

Hey, whose letters are plain here ?!

logoholik said on May. 21 '10

back on the circular theme... it is indeed an old skul way of constructing logos, made obsolete by proper usage of modern vector illustration software. As Raja mentioned, it ads that "academic" tone and scares off unschooled designers :), while working towards adding more value and interest over those "plain" letters in an untrained clients eyes. Again, valid sales technique.

logoholik said on May. 21 '10

Muggie "(link)":http://www.behance.net/muggieramadani mastered this discipline in his identity presentations imho...

lundeja said on May. 21 '10

I've been a fan of this one for a while. Nice to see it in the gallery.

tass said on May. 21 '10

Nice result!

brandsimplicity said on May. 21 '10

So you mean to tell me the Greeks got it wrong,the golden circle is just a big sale pitch, and all of natures geometric beauty is a con. I too once thought it was all pretty lines and designers getting a bit full of themselves, so I decided to study the reasoning behind it.
Everything that is perceived to have beauty has an underlining structure, be it a flower or the human face. Those who nock it have not taken the time to study it, do yourself a favor and take a closer look.

Jf said on May. 24 '10

It would benefit the entire industry to have more blogs and posts on how to properly use the circular grid technique. It's a fantastic way to balance a design, be it a logo, poster, or any other form of visual commnication. If anyone else knows of any relevant posts/blogs on the topic, I'd be curious to see them.

logomotive said on May. 24 '10

^ I think "how to properly use the circular grid technique.",and why it was created in the first place is the key here. Seen some presentations, where pure nonsense is thrown in.

emesghali said on May. 24 '10

holy mother of god this does not do justice to the Behance treatment. i suggest everyone go see it. woooow. very disciplined approach. much appreciated. GREAT WORK!

jonnyd said on May. 27 '10

I see some great logos on LP gall but this aint one. Wheres the idea? Nice piece of type though.

mabu said on Aug. 11 '10

I'm still loving this wonderful piece of type.

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