toucink V4

by brandclay • Uploaded: Mar. 05 '09
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Description: V3 - only CMYK colors, no more green.

As seen on: incspring

Status: Nothing set

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Art Machine said on Mar. 05 '09


mesa designs said on Mar. 05 '09

I really like the colors and mark but why is it a bird? Is there something I'm not seeing? Also the placement of the colors should be more evenly placed to the tip ofthe wing, and some of the stripes jut out more than others.

gyui said on Mar. 05 '09

penflare, is it suppose to be a toucan? if it is, isn't the beak suppose to have the color.

itsgareth said on Mar. 05 '09

Great idea, though for it to be recognisable as a Toucan, the beak needs to be way more pronounced. Don't exactly need colour imo. Have a quick look on google images bud...

nido said on Mar. 05 '09

i noticed the tip of a paint brush too...

penflare said on Mar. 05 '09

gareth i might do that.. thanks..

firebrand said on Mar. 05 '09

Yeah, toucans have massive colorful beaks. Looks sweet tho.

penflare said on Mar. 05 '09

changed the beak :)

itsgareth said on Mar. 05 '09

Make it bigger still dude, also think the beak should join smoothly ith the top of the head. They'm all beaks them Toucan's am ay they Nav?

itsgareth said on Mar. 05 '09

Come to think of it, it would work ideally to put the colour in the beak rather than the body. That would strengthen the concept even further...

penflare said on Mar. 05 '09

hahahha sounds like fruit loops..

gyui said on Mar. 05 '09

that's what my thought is, if you make the beak almost obnoxiously big, make it flow smoothly in to the head, and simulate the tip of the paint brush like nido mentioned, the toucan would show through much stronger.

it's a really nice concept penflare, but for a toucan i think it's all in the beak.

fogra said on Mar. 05 '09

Nice idea, Sean. It reminds me of the old Guinness toucan posters - google it to find out. The beak does need a tweak though like Gareth just said.

mesa designs said on Mar. 05 '09

Oh wow now I understand why it's a bird lol. I didn't recognize it as a toucan at all. The beak still needs work though. I agree with what gyui and gareth said though, put the color in the beak.

logomotive said on Mar. 05 '09

looks more like a dodo bird to me. I also agree toucans beaks are colored no?

lundeja said on Mar. 05 '09

Floated for an excellent, original idea. The above comments about body and beak are probably correct, however.

penflare said on Mar. 05 '09

updated the beak to fit... you guys are picky! :P haha

gool said on Mar. 05 '09


dikkers said on Mar. 05 '09

this is possibly the best CMYK/ink fusion i've seen! nice

cerise said on Mar. 06 '09

hey hey good job!!!!!!!

AlexWende said on Mar. 06 '09

Which font do u used?

Brandsimplicity said on Mar. 06 '09

My goodness Sean! This is something special.

firebrand said on Mar. 06 '09

Much better, Sean. Love the way it nestles with the type.

TernaciousT said on Mar. 06 '09

I thought the same as Fogra, reminded me of the old guinness toucan posters, you can tell we're both Irish! looks great.

penflare said on Mar. 06 '09

thanks guys! i haven't seen the toucan posters, i'll take a look!

@alex - bree bold was used

bartodell said on Mar. 06 '09

Awesome icon.

OcularInk said on Mar. 06 '09

Really enjoyed seeing your development on this one. Great job, Sean. Now, re-upload on Incspring and up your price already. The world will never know what logo design is really worth if you and others keep selling yourselves short. You're designs are worth more. :-D

alterego said on Mar. 06 '09

plzzzz... don't do this kind of stuffs am getting envy with with u :)

logoholik said on Mar. 06 '09

what Kevin said.

theartistt said on Mar. 06 '09

glad to see a logo really improve quickly with great critique. it's fabulous now!

webcore said on Mar. 06 '09

Well done!

tdf said on Mar. 06 '09

Well done, but I had a feeling it was done for incspring as soon as I saw it on the home page...

dannygdammit said on Mar. 06 '09

this is very aesthetically pleasing, one of the better logos I have seen in a while

logomotive said on Mar. 06 '09

^ and your point?

logomotive said on Mar. 06 '09

Not directed at you danny but the comment above you.

Paul Rand said on Mar. 06 '09

sharp and smart design.

WonkaTonka said on Mar. 08 '09

Great logo

longpig said on Mar. 09 '09

Sweet Icon, Love the 'K' on the typeface.

Check out my latest brand - let me know your thoughts...


leoramires said on Mar. 11 '09

beautifull! brazilian mark??

Kirby said on Mar. 15 '09

frootloops gonna sue u

anyssa said on Apr. 20 '09

Great work!

Chad Sanderson said on Oct. 27 '09


deibo said on Aug. 03 '11

Very nice

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