by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Feb. 10 '09
Gallerized Mar. '10 977e2b151abe44f628afa48da89d47e6.png

Description: Designed for Filmaps.com - a where you can share and discover film locations.

Copyright Josiah Jost and Siah Design © 2009

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: bluepinmapsfilm

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nexqunyx said on Feb. 10 '09

%I had a feeling this was a Siah logo:) I was right! Good stuff man:)%

Siah-Design said on Feb. 10 '09

Thx Patrick :) Cheers

superdave4eva said on Feb. 10 '09

Very nice!

Kode said on Feb. 10 '09

Love the mark bro!

penflare said on Feb. 11 '09

yah nicely done siah, love it bro

Siah-Design said on Feb. 11 '09

Thx Dave, Kode and Sean! :) Appreciate it

birofunk said on Oct. 02 '09

awesome! very jealous of your gallery siah, you've got some real gems in there

siah-design said on Dec. 22 '09

Thanks birofunk.

It was published in David Airey's Logo Design Love book in the "pencil to PDF" chapter.

BTW, I believe David just received his first copies today. :)

JoePrince said on Dec. 22 '09

Always liked this one Josiah!

plantingseeds said on Mar. 21 '10

Someone should do a collection-list of logos that use film-strips :P
I'm not dissing your logo btw, just pointing out how the film-strip cliche has proven to be iconic and versatile enough for so many different combinations within other objects.

devey said on Mar. 22 '10

Clever. I like the outside-the-box representation of the word "maps."

onesummer said on Mar. 22 '10

@plantingseeds, or a collection of logos that use tacks ;P

@Siah, good stuff nonetheless.

Type08 said on Mar. 22 '10

plantingseeds said on Mar. 22 '10

Nice one Alen. Just to rattle off how versatile and seemingly limitless the film-strip is, it's been used in reference to:

numbers, letters, bananas, tacks, tracks, ladders, cakes, cups, donuts, continents, towers, stars, tongues, flowers, feathers, stickmen, roads, holes, rocket-blasts, razor-blades, books, hands, windows, chimneys, speech bubbles, houses, buses, audiences, carousels, colloseums, TVs, ropes, frankenstein, and sausages!

*phew* feel free to add to this list if i've left any out!

Logo Design Monster said on Mar. 23 '10

Great concept and love the final results. The simplicity of the logo works really well. Nice work.

siah-design said on Mar. 26 '10

Thanks Alen and everyone! Appreciate it.

crearesite said on Apr. 30 '12

Great concept. Love the result, but I think the color is not the best option.

buseca said on Mar. 04 '13

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