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Description: nosey

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lundeja said on Jan. 31 '09

Hey mike, question... how old is your website? As in, when is the last time you updated it?

logomotive said on Jan. 31 '09

98 why are you being so nosey?

lundeja said on Jan. 31 '09

Haha, sorry. I love puns, don't you?

epsilon said on Jan. 31 '09

Speaking of noseyness - what happened to Quisino ?

logomotive said on Jan. 31 '09

^someone found a very similar design ;-(

penflare said on Jan. 31 '09

this might be my favorite logo you've ever designed mike.. wow.

logomotive said on Jan. 31 '09

Really Sean? cool, Thanks

OcularInk said on Jan. 31 '09

You hit this one right on the nose!

logomotive said on Jan. 31 '09

BAM! bloody nose!

cerise said on Jan. 31 '09

nicely balanced and clean.

mavric said on Jan. 31 '09

great typo treatment mike, well done
i love it, mmm a human brother to nosario loooooool


Siah-Design said on Jan. 31 '09

This is my pick...

ahab said on Feb. 01 '09

Very clever and great execution, mike.

Black ColourBash said on Feb. 01 '09

Awesome.. [hahaa], really Awesome!

tconrad said on Feb. 01 '09

reminds me a bit of my candy one. i think i like yours better though, different style entirely.

logomotive said on Feb. 01 '09

Thanks guys.
TConrad, I don't know about that, I really dig your Candy logo (clever).

"You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can't roll your friends in little balls and eat them."

"You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friends nose."


mushkabella said on Feb. 01 '09

very cute ;) I agree with everyone...your logos are always clever. it's a gift.

completely out of curiosity...what percent of the LP logos would you say are fictitious vs. commissioned? it definitely won't change my opinion of your skills...i just want to know ;) (if you don't mind)

keep it up!

nexqunyx said on Feb. 01 '09

mushkabella said on Feb. 01 '09

thanks nexqunyx. yes, it's really about what you're doing this for...and i really don't care either way.

my question was for you, mike...

if you care to share...

mabu said on Feb. 02 '09

Very creative. Well done.

logomotive said on Feb. 02 '09

Thanks guys.
mushkabella, that's a difficult question to answer because I never think of it that way but about 15% here is prob.for fun or just conceptual. this is my playground. I have too many logos to upload.

When an artist paints a picture and sells it do you ask how many pieces are commissioned? Most Artists I know do it because they love what they do and, do it purely because they are "inspired" to do so. I create and love to see others create and it does not matter to me one iota if it was commissioned or not. If your doing it just for the money perhaps you should rethink your career. Do what you love and the money will follow.

logomotive said on Feb. 02 '09

I would like to add that the mind is a muscle. Just as you workout to strengthen your body muscles, creativity and creation stimulate the brain and you become even more creative and skill level grows.

raja said on Feb. 02 '09

mike, you don't have to workout in front of everyone though - you of all people, probably the best designer on the pond.

Now, when I get an idea for a client I have to come to your portfolio to see if you made it up already then, I have to leave the idea even though it may help a company so much...

How's everything else?

nido said on Feb. 02 '09

"Now, when I get an idea for a client I have to come to your portfolio to see if you made it up already then, I have to leave the idea even though it may help a company so much..."

dude.. no ship... but ive had that happen to me too!.. ain even joking!.. ive designed a logo for a company only to find it on page 57 of logomotives logopond showcase!.. it hurt!

but you are the best.. your the Arnold Schwarzenegger of logo designing!

logomotive said on Feb. 02 '09

You guys serious? sorry I pissed ya off Raja. GEEZE! There's a million ideas though?? sorry guys, the truth comes out.

logomotive said on Feb. 02 '09

And I thought we were friends ;-(

raja said on Feb. 02 '09

we are just jealous dude

nido, group hug?

cobaltcow said on Feb. 02 '09

is it just me or is there a bit of a funny join between the descender of the n and the curve? seems like a bit of a kink to me..?

nexqunyx said on Feb. 02 '09

%good eyes cobaltcow...I see it too, I thought it was just me. Not to worry...the master can fix it in no time:)%

mushkabella said on Feb. 03 '09


Mike, sincere thanks for taking the time to respond to me ;) I guess I stirred some things up. I have told myself the emotions would have come out no matter who/what was said.

No qualms here...just curiosity. I completely agree with you about flexing a muscle and getting stronger. Plus, it IS fun.

Okay, to be cheesy :: I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but your work---along with a few other portfolios on this site---are the reason I recently starting dipping my toes in the logo pond. I'm self taught...and I threw myself into it full-time overnight...anything I know I only figured out because a client requested it. Now, 2 years later, you might never know I didn't go to school for this.

My point? It's logos like NOSEY that make me (and I'm sure a million others) want to brainstorm and brainstorm...think outside the box...step in a new direction...and be better at what we do.

This can be so boring...so dull...everyone follow the leader...bla bla bla. Yet, with this, creativity inspires creativity. This is the entire reason for the site..."Identity Inspiration."

The reason your logos keep getting chosen for the LP is exactly for this reason. YOU INSPIRE pull in users and viewers. So anyway, don't misunderstand my question. No explanation needed. I was just being nosey (sadly, yes, pun intended).

Anyway...way more than my 2 cents.

Peace ;)

mushkabella said on Feb. 03 '09

No no no ClimaxDesigns. I know I'm new and know nothing about this...but maybe you can just allow people to pre-approve the comments on their logo pages...or choose not to allow comments?


THEArtistT said on Feb. 03 '09

I should probably put this in the forum and I will, but I wanted to, briefly, point this out: LogoPond is not just inspiration to me, but it pushes designers to be more forward thinking or rethink the old because of the reality that similarly raised/trained minds will and do design alike. It seems like it should have been something you could have foreseen. With so many designers uploading logos from every age and country, you are going to get a lot of similar design. Should I feel bad that a logo I came up with here in middle America happens to look just like a Japanese government logo from a couple of years back that is no longer in use? Does this mean I have failed as a designer? Does this mean the logo is a failure? I don't think so.

nido said on Feb. 03 '09

LOL!.. you're all taking this too seriously!.. look at my furrowed brows!

logomotive said on Feb. 03 '09

Hey it's happened to me to so we all good?

nido said on Feb. 03 '09

we all good!.. come here you little ducky.. c'mon.. aawww..

you still the man!

logomotive said on Feb. 03 '09

DUDE! wanna arm wrestle?

raja said on Feb. 03 '09

Hi THEArtist - I often am enlightened by your views on things and you participation in the forums...so I click your link to see your logo work and somehow its seems like a different personality after seeing the work

THEArtistT said on Feb. 03 '09

Raja, you'll have to tell me if that is good or bad, but feel free to move it to the forum. Don't want to bog down Mikes logo with more personal stuff, eh?

nido said on Feb. 03 '09

Raja is being 'nosey'.. ;0)

Muamer said on Feb. 06 '09

> "Do what you love and the money will follow".

Keep it UP, Mikeee :-)

penflare said on Feb. 07 '09

sooo much drama...

logomotive said on Feb. 07 '09

^ I agree. We fight like brothers and sisters :-) I hold no grudge with Anyone and hope no here holds a grudge. Don't care for the drama though.

amphasis said on Feb. 08 '09

This is something different, something very outstanding. I like it.

raja said on Feb. 10 '09

what's life without drama!? hehehe

dbunk said on Aug. 04 '09

= lifez a drama, worldz a stage
= logoz a drama, pondz a stage

singaporet said on Aug. 06 '09

that a candy artwork.. cool

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