Shift _ Draft 3

by madebyshift • Uploaded: Jan. 10 '09
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Description: Cleaned it up in Illustrator and fixed some of the letter spacing issues. Trimmed the F & T and tried to keep the letters the same width. Kinda hard with the H - I combo…

Edit: Fixed F&T kerning issues and changed background.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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nexqunyx said on Jan. 10 '09

IMO the space between the "i" and "F" is still a bit wider compared to the rest. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing:) Nice one!

Kode said on Jan. 11 '09

Very nicely done man, the kerning needs a bit of work but other than that, it's a great logotype!

jsae said on Jan. 11 '09

^i agree about the spacing--looks like you just have to shift the 'i' to the right (then the space between the 'H' and 'i' would match the spacing between the vertical strokes of the 'H').
nice logotype!

Kode said on Jan. 11 '09

I liked it before but I just realized this baby is on "*Fifth gear*", I really love it now. Great work man!

sdijock said on Jan. 11 '09

Great concept.

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 11 '09

Agree with Nex but the concept here deserves a "fave" from me.

logomotive said on Jan. 11 '09

Yeah it's one of those great logos, just need to be presented more simple, no gradient BG, move the F closer to the i and I would even weld the F to the T and losing the odd negative space there, but now that's just nit picken. Great logo.

Kode said on Jan. 12 '09

I agree with *mike* (logomotive), and I was thinking that this logotype might even benefit from a plain, light background and silver for the type!

Of course this would only be to help present it better, 'cause this logo is just gonna be hard to beat!

The letter "H" is so versatile and easy to work with isn't it?

OcularInk said on Jan. 12 '09

Fantastic concept, Jordan.

penflare said on Jan. 12 '09

yeah i would get rid of that background and make it smaller in general, but great logo all the way

madebyshift said on Jan. 12 '09

Thanks for the advice and comments, everyone!

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '09

This reminds me of a campaign RENAULT had for their CLIO model few years ago...

cerise said on Jan. 13 '09

superb concept

Lawrence Anderson said on Jan. 13 '09

Really nice design & concept.

logotivity said on Jan. 13 '09

super cool concept..

davidairey said on Jan. 14 '09

A lovely idea. Haven't seen this before, well done mate.

madebyshift said on Jan. 14 '09

Once again, thanks for all the comments, guys!

I've uploaded a new version (overwriting the old) that fixed the kerning issues and gave it a plain black background.

@Type08: Do you think you could find a link or something? I'm in the States and have never seen a Renault, but would love to see their take on this.

@Logomotie: I tried welding the F & T together, but I lost a lot of readability. On a glance, it spelled out a less-than-nice word. :)

bpotstra said on Jan. 15 '09

fantastic concept!

brandcore said on Jan. 16 '09

just great!

logomotive said on Jan. 16 '09

Shift LOL! hear ya.

deavon said on Jan. 19 '09

Fantastic concept!

rfbeer said on Jan. 21 '09

fifth gear logo

tconrad said on Jan. 21 '09

WICKED! floated.

Koma said on Jan. 23 '09

well done, mate! :)

dikkers said on Jan. 29 '09

this one is pure class! well thought out

inorax said on Jan. 31 '09

Wonderful idea! But colours should be change for better. I hope that i explained my idea.

inorax said on Jan. 31 '09

Maybe some gradient or metal effect. =)

dani_janev said on Feb. 16 '09

simple and yet effective :)

vieuxlache said on Apr. 01 '09

This reminded me immediately of the Nissan car ad's on TV here in New Zealand. May be something to do with their slogan having the word Shift in it.. very well done i thought :) color could be different but extremely effective showing its audience intent. //cheer!

laab said on Apr. 21 '09

Rare case of perfect logo... use it well!
Congrats man.

Spore* said on May. 07 '09

madebyshift said on May. 13 '09

Wow, it sure has. He didn't even try to pass it off as his own, he just slapped it on his portfolio as is!

Thanks for posting, spore!

cseven said on May. 13 '09

It's not the first time that Jumpz has nabbed logos of the Pond...

cseven said on May. 13 '09

Great logo btw : )

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