by nido • Uploaded: Oct. 30 '08
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Description: music related website.

As seen on: zuzu

Status: Nothing set

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revolvedesign said on Oct. 30 '08

I've never understood the term, but would this be considered, a web 2.0 logo?

bartodell said on Oct. 30 '08

Holy crap Nido. This blows the Candeo away! Your best work yet!

Type08 said on Oct. 30 '08

Sit back and listen to some Zusic! ;) Good job, Nido!

firebrand said on Oct. 30 '08

Look out, nido's pulled it out of the bag again! I also see two z's inside the sphere.

revolvedesign said on Oct. 30 '08

oops forgot to float lol :P

gthobbs said on Oct. 30 '08

Nido this is top notch bro.

tconrad said on Oct. 30 '08

very cool.

Logo Diver said on Oct. 30 '08

Unusual but yet simple form, clearly readable "Z"... excellent!

Muamer said on Oct. 30 '08

Zuper! :)

logomotive said on Oct. 30 '08

ExZellent! bro nice 3d effect.

tkhoury said on Oct. 30 '08

this is beautiful logo and execution!

brandsimplicity said on Oct. 31 '08

Number 1 Nido...this is a hit!

OcularInk said on Oct. 31 '08

Fantastic, dude!!

raja said on Oct. 31 '08

Yeah,, I think this is one of my best works to date. Thanks for all the kind words!

OcularInk said on Oct. 31 '08


nido said on Oct. 31 '08

thank you everyo.. ahhh what the hell.. what raja said!

bpotstra said on Oct. 31 '08

Really nice work bro!

fogra said on Oct. 31 '08


thomas said on Oct. 31 '08

Les mots me manquent pour exprimer l'immense émerveillement avec lequel j'ai pu découvrir ta nouvelle création, que dis-je, chef d'oeuvre, sâle petit bât*rd... J'ai donc décidé de ne plus être ton nouveau meilleur ami pour la vie. Je vais donc créer un front de libération du design afin que tu ne sévisses plus. Je l'ai baptisé "Nido Bomayé". Il permettra à nous, les autres vrais designers comme moi, qui se lèvent le matin en pensant design, qui mangent design, qui respirent et vivent design puissent continuer à se m*sturb*r sur leurs pauvres petits logos insignifiants et misérables.
"Le Design ne me manquera pas. C'est moi qui manquerai au Design" - Muhammad Nido

thomas said on Oct. 31 '08


nido said on Oct. 31 '08


solid_snake said on Oct. 31 '08

what's the name of the font?

cleos said on Nov. 01 '08

nice one :)

lee said on Nov. 02 '08

It instantly made me think of the Barclaycard logo, but very nice mark!

onesummer said on Nov. 02 '08

killer! I first saw a 4 piece open sphere. well executed. though I still like your candeo logo more.

logotivity said on Nov. 02 '08

very nice nido..

siah-design said on Nov. 02 '08

really cool - great work nido

sticks said on Nov. 03 '08

great stuff

struve said on Nov. 03 '08

i was definitely going for the same concept here

but yours is way better

m.kohn said on Nov. 03 '08

Me likey. Very nice.

aaliyah said on Nov. 04 '08

fantastic mark!

nido said on Nov. 04 '08

thank you all..

epsilon said on Nov. 05 '08

Just spotted Barclay's new logo at "UnderConsideration blog":http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/global_is_as_global_does.php:


Looks like a beginning of the trend to me.

epsilon said on Nov. 05 '08

nido, for what it's worth I think Barclay's logo is just a doodle compared to yours.

nido said on Nov. 05 '08

haha.. thank you epsilon..

gorz said on Nov. 06 '08

really nice mark))) Bravo!!!

trams said on Nov. 14 '08

bad ass, love it

raja said on Nov. 27 '08

thanks, I try my best

rogeroddone said on Jan. 13 '09

Outstanding symbol! Congrats!

nido said on Jan. 15 '09

thanks to everyone... (apart from raja)

OcularInk said on Jan. 15 '09

Thanks raja!

danzeel said on Mar. 03 '09

Amazing logo!

mabu said on Mar. 07 '09

Brilliant nido!

cseven said on May. 03 '09

This is such a great logo - I love it.
Hey nima - we're looking at the same showcases ; )

nido said on Jan. 23 '10

thanks again everybody...

mcguire design said on Jun. 04 '10


nido said on Jun. 11 '10

thanks guys...

@Houston-we... I hope you do keep coming back ;)

firebrand said on Jun. 11 '10

The (deleted) forum topic suggests otherwise.

nido said on Jun. 15 '10

yeah.. even his showcase has gone.. any idea what happen there?.. any closure on the matter?

sbj said on Jun. 25 '10

great mark.. nido..

nido said on Nov. 29 '10

thanks sbj... go barca!

cube said on Dec. 28 '10

Top notch!

nido said on Dec. 28 '10

^Thanks cube... big fan of your poster work man... awesome stuff.

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