by smartinup • Uploaded: Aug. 08 '08
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Description: WIP inspired by Bic

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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kaimere said on Aug. 08 '08

interesting .... the s may need a little bit more definition .... but love it

kriecheque said on Aug. 08 '08

The S in the negative space seems a little too big compared to the rest of the type...I think the fish could be reduced a little too so if you just scaled the two of them it might even thing out a bit.

Excellent illustration.

Are gold fish edible?

smartinup said on Aug. 08 '08

totally ;)

sanjay patil said on Aug. 11 '08

Well done, I think it is inspired from Serene logo, that was created %u2018s%u2019 using spoon

smartinup said on Aug. 12 '08

HAHA! My first gallery piece. My day has just been made.

thanks clash, i was wondering the same thing myself.

Sanjay, it was inspired by BIC, it was funny, oc posted that as i was working on mine. but im pretty sure he hacked my computer and ripped my idea.

OcularInk said on Aug. 12 '08

It's true, I hacked smartinup's computer.

tdf said on Aug. 12 '08

Love the fish!

firebrand said on Aug. 12 '08

I agree with all these comments. Congrats on the gallery spot, mate!

dariux said on Aug. 12 '08

Really artistic, maybe you can use a dark color of "USHI" instead a light. Congratulations!!

nido said on Aug. 12 '08


camila_garay said on Aug. 12 '08

fully agree to all the positive comments.... respect

smartinup said on Aug. 12 '08

thanks everyone. means a lot coming from you'all.

people search said on Aug. 12 '08

I love however the fish should be a tab bit smaller

cerise said on Aug. 12 '08

Amazing stuff, this is a fav

henry said on Aug. 13 '08

muy bien.........

kugelis said on Aug. 15 '08

no connection between S and USHI

empirefx said on Aug. 28 '08

really nice one :)

grilledcheese said on Sep. 05 '08

Haha, I love this concept. Maybe cause I love sushi :P but I love the fish. They are very pretty =)

Hayes Image said on Sep. 06 '08

I love the swirling shapes of the fish!

cake_sama said on Sep. 25 '08

awesome man, i just read sushi, then saw the first comment and realized...

phiky07 said on Oct. 13 '08

sick man..i agree that the 'S' could be more prominent but that was only after i read the first comment. i got it right away...

elmickeylozano said on Nov. 05 '08

Very nice achieved. Liked a lot!

dearshuvro said on Nov. 25 '08

awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

smartinup said on Nov. 25 '08

Thanks everybody

Tani EcoD said on Jan. 06 '09

very soft... i like it ;)

zapfogldorf said on Jan. 08 '09

This really caught my eye.

I think the fish could be the "S"...

Paul Rand said on Mar. 11 '09

I opened up your portfolio and said "wow".
This one caught my eye instantly.
The fish illustration is stylized nicely and using them to create the S in the negative space works well. I wanted to lower the top part of the S though, slightly.
The type is clean along with the orange color.

mabu said on Apr. 29 '09

I read is as Sushi before i even realized the trick. Awesome!

grigoriou said on Apr. 30 '09

i think the fish are too detailed and the connection to a letter S isnt strong enough for this to be considered successful.
the name implies that it will be used on signage after all, and thus should be readable even out of the corner of one's eye. I also am not crazy about the idea of eating goldfish. That said this is still a great illustration and concept just needs to be solidified and made more clear. in short its a great start to what could be a great logo.

smartinup said on Apr. 30 '09

all true and fair points grigoriou. thanks for checking my work out, i really do appreciate any feedback.

sovereigns said on Dec. 16 '10

I love the use of the gold colour here and I think you have captured the movement of the fish perfectly. It could use a little more work to make it clearer that it is a letter S but as this point has already been raised all I can say is very well done.

mwalim said on Feb. 24 '11

I think the idea is great but like it has already been noted I think the fish are too prominent

logoboom said on Jun. 01 '11

eeek...when I think of sushi the last fish I want to see is Koi

smartinup said on Jun. 02 '11

fair enough logoboom, but i would say 95% of all the sushi bars around my area, Koi is the first fish you see as you are walking in the restaurant. But this was always just a fooling around logo anyway, not really for anyone other then practice.

BenBrown said on Jun. 07 '11

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Artgeko said on Oct. 27 '11

Interesting design of the logo and graphical realization of!

type and signs said on Oct. 27 '11

really good concept ... very nice illi !

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