by ROCKKIT26 • Uploaded: Jul. 07 '08
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Description: Logo used for a company that wanted to do an internal re-org of the staffing structure.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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tdf said on Jul. 10 '08

The Non-Format look is a bit played-out, but this is nicely executed.

bpotstra said on Jul. 10 '08


mattaebersold said on Jul. 10 '08

I don't agree. I think the design is brilliant.

mr2creative said on Jul. 11 '08

I agree with mattersbold, excellent logo. Very creative and bold. Nice to see something original for a change that's more than just a ripped off font with a ripped off mark.

mindysteen said on Jul. 11 '08

I love the people in there, too. Took me a minute to notice them, but very nice touch. Love the whole thing.

khansa said on Jul. 12 '08

isn't this too much for a logo ..
I like the colors .. but there are too much deatails..

tiddleiwinks said on Jul. 14 '08

I like the design you have going on, however I believe that it's way too complicated for a logo. There is too much detail, which makes it too busy.
I would try scaling the logo down to see if it still translates the same way, and also try the logo in grayscale to see what it looks like too. A good logo is always scalable and can still be recognized in black and white. I like where you are going with the design, but I do think it's a bit too complicated as an identity mark.

quirk-doodlegirl said on Jul. 15 '08

I agree that this may cause some complications if a smaller application is required but I love the way the creativity took over and usurped the rules. Too often truly fun and creative designs suffer because we try too hard to "colour between the so called lines".

macessences said on Aug. 16 '08


dmiric said on Dec. 06 '08

I think the creativity here wins over all the rules.

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