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Description: Designed for a company that specializes in helping the consumer erase bad debt and repair poor credit decisions.

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OcularInk said on Jul. 03 '08

Clever use of the credit cards, Bart. Nice job!

firebrand said on Jul. 03 '08

I see a cross and a signpost. Nice one, Bart!

Art Machine said on Jul. 03 '08

Aesthetically I like it very much but the concept itself seems a little weird to me. The two intersecting cards don't represent "solution" very much. To me its rather negative since its complicated, the cross shape is also not very positive (a tick would have been more logical to me)
Nice work anyway.

gthobbs said on Jul. 03 '08

I tend to agree with Art Machine. When I saw the mark...I immediately thought of when someone cuts your credit card in half (not that it's ever happened to me). But then again...that's a problem that needs solved.

bartodell said on Jul. 03 '08

Man... its a good day for me right now! Thanks David.

The concept behind this was to form a X out of the credit cards. Since credit cards are the most common debt causing problem. The reasoning for the X was that payments / debt=X. X being the solution.

hellouriah said on Jul. 03 '08

I instantly thought of a signpost and guide to debt free life. Great imagery, and metaphors.

firebrand said on Jul. 03 '08

Exactly as I saw it, hellouriah, even though that wasn't barts intention; signposts giving people a new direction. Secondly, I saw the X but got a positive rather than a negative vibe. One of the UK's biggest Banks, the Halifax has a bold X in it's logo.

gthobbs said on Jul. 03 '08

@climax: probably better you don't have names attached. Good is good. Good goes in the gallery regardless of how many he/she might have.

mr2creative said on Jul. 03 '08

This is a nice logo and a good attempt at adding extra meaning while maintaining simplicity. If people read different meanings at least they are reading something... would love to see it with a slightly stronger background color also...

Naekie said on Jul. 04 '08

DUDE...you rock! awesome stuff!

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