by joker66 • Uploaded: Jun. 15 '08
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Description: Its a Logo for my new online clothing shop. I hope u like the concept. I am actively looking for critiques, so plz post what u think about it! Very thx!

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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.phoenix said on Jun. 15 '08

I think the collar could be better... looks strange right now. But I love the concept. :)

Kwaku said on Jun. 15 '08

luv it <3

OcularInk said on Jun. 15 '08

Very clever. I think there is a way to execute the mark without using gradients/drop shadows. It might be worth exploring. Even so, great concept and logo.

james said on Jun. 15 '08

nice. have you tried using folds for the collar?

joker66 said on Jun. 15 '08

Very thx. I used folds in a earlier version but i think that this would be to much details. I want to hold the mark very clean because i still working on a version without gradients and shodows, but still i dont find the truth..

gthobbs said on Jun. 15 '08

Love this. The C in clothing is visually hanging a tad to the left.

dikkers said on Jun. 15 '08

Very, very nice.

Have you see the video that's floating on the net of a Japaneses lady folding a t-shirt up perfectly in 2 motions? Reminded me of that.

chovy said on Jun. 16 '08

great - perhaps a dress-collar.

Blue Clover said on Jun. 17 '08

very nice idea and execution.

cerise said on Jun. 17 '08

Awesome, perhaps a little double fold opening up to form an arm. Then the collar wouldn't be an issue.

MAN-DESIGN.net said on Jun. 17 '08

have u tried kind of straigh cuts collar so that this be more Origami...

ROCKKIT 26 said on Jun. 18 '08

Very cool. Could be interesting to have the shirt fold into other objects other than a square ie some kind of animal or piece of lettering as well as adding some stitching lines to the finish. Well done.

OcularInk said on Jun. 18 '08

The stitching lines could be a nice touch. Hmm...

liquor said on Jun. 25 '08

I love Myriad Pro. Good work!

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