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by bifoz • Uploaded: Jun. 08 '08
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Description: Flook

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: Flook Fishing Fish

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Muamer said on Jun. 09 '08

This flook really nice :D

sdijock said on Jun. 09 '08

Nice overall. But you're really pushing it with the "F" - not sure if that's working too well.

Kwaku said on Jun. 09 '08

Maumer :D

grannen said on Jun. 09 '08

So cool! Love the coloring too.

trams said on Jun. 09 '08

Mark is amazing. Great job!

fogra said on Jun. 09 '08

Flookin' brilliant!

rfrusso said on Jun. 09 '08

I agree with *sdijock* that the F might be a stretch ... but at first glance I didn't even see the name in there. I think it works nicely as is, even if it didn't spell anything. Once you see the word, that's a nice bonus!

artboy said on Jun. 10 '08

I agree with rfrusso, definitely works without needing to know the name is in there and it's a nice surprise when it appears!

OpenHead said on Jun. 10 '08

Nice job!
Maybe if the 'mouth' was the same weight as the other letters (like the L) the F would work better? And what if the vertical line next to the F was separated slightly so again the F worked harder.

Impriano said on Jun. 10 '08

Great job the F works great, fits with the rest of the text in the fish and i dont think it is pushing it at all...Clearly an F. I love this piece

mr2creative said on Jun. 11 '08

The best part about this logo is 1. the fish and 2. the overall balance. Nice job.

nightslayer said on Jun. 12 '08

love it !!! so amazing

Sailendra said on Jun. 22 '08

Good logo. I like the fact it can be used as a stand alone without the text.

entz said on Jun. 28 '08

wicked logo! love the fish.

dmiric said on Dec. 06 '08

Amazing logo. Strait to the point. "We make fish sad!" :)

Bernd said on Aug. 18 '11

really - really - really good !

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