Guevaras Mexican Imports

by bartodell • Uploaded: Mar. 27 '08
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Description: Designed for a company that sells and imports authentic Mexican goods into the US from Mexico. The concept is based off of the traditional Mexican pinwheel pattern.

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OcularInk said on Mar. 28 '08

Really cool how you played around with the lighting on the mark. Type is nice too. Rock on, Bart!

Thomas said on Mar. 28 '08

Simply beautiful Bart!

kriecheque said on Mar. 28 '08

This is really great. The colors and lighting on the mark are really well done. The swilry between 'mexican' and ' imports doesn't seem to fit in with the rest. I think you don't really need anything there, but if you do put something there it'd be cool if it tied in with the mark somehow.

OcularInk said on Mar. 31 '08

I like the flourish. Gives the logo more depth in my opinion.

nido said on Mar. 31 '08

Viva Guevara!!!... viva la revolution!

Oronoz ® said on Mar. 31 '08

Good job Bart!!! Saludos amigo!!! n_n

Respiro said on Mar. 31 '08

Great use of colors, Bart! :)

24/7 said on Apr. 01 '08

Very nice, Bart! A small thing which struck my eye: perhaps you could make the words "mexican" and "import" equal in width (which they almost are right now), so you can center-align the flourish directly underneath the mark. Oh.. and I definately see pencil points ;-)

Art Machine said on Apr. 01 '08

Unique color and lighting. The typework is also beautiful. I think it would work wonderfully on any black packaging.

maximalist said on Apr. 04 '08

good work, mate! very nice mark )))

michiel said on Apr. 04 '08

Damn that is pretty! Great coloring and solid typo. And even a fitting reasoning/concept behind it. Well done!

Mr. Bob said on Jun. 19 '08

digna representacion de mexico con los colores, felicidades muy buen logo

bartodell said on Sep. 04 '08

Selected for LogoLounge Volume 5!

mentelibre1 said on Sep. 04 '08


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