by maximalist • Uploaded: Feb. 27 '08
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Description: Fidelity is a banner network with a need for a rich, saturated, colorful logotype. Made for OrangeLabel.ru

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: clearbrightbanner networknetworkbanner

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sdijock said on Feb. 27 '08

Nice. But I wish the "F" in the icon were somewhat transparent. The solid white is a little jarring in relation to all the nice blends you have going on.

maximalist said on Feb. 28 '08

thnx, guys!

saawan said on Mar. 13 '08

It reminds me of "the terra logo":http://www.tendenciasdigitales.com/td/terra_logo1.jpg
I like the type.

koodoz said on Aug. 08 '08

I think this would work just as well, if not better with white type. The pseudo-chrome finish seems forced

logoholik said on Aug. 08 '08

^ agree

KGB said on Aug. 08 '08

I think it would look better on a white background. Lose the fluff. Let the logo speak for itself.

a_lanevski said on Aug. 08 '08

i saw it on orangeonweb
good mark

respiro said on Aug. 08 '08


maximalist said on Aug. 08 '08

thanks everybody, all comments appreciated :)

reddskinn said on Aug. 08 '08

I agree with saawan.. terra logo

balboula said on Aug. 11 '08

that logo is veryyyy similar to the fidelity insurance lebanon logo nearly the same concept and design archconsultleb.com/images/Fidelity-jal-el-dib.jpg !

people search said on Aug. 11 '08

If you really want to pull the gradient move off I'd strongly weaken the gray.

pinmastermind said on Aug. 14 '08

blessed love

raja said on Aug. 29 '08

love the dramatic backdrop

libran005 said on Aug. 22 '09

Aaah....lovely colors...

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