Rayenari Bar & Grill updated

by Oronoz® • Uploaded: Feb. 18 '08
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Description: Logo for a Restaurant / Bar

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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gstaltig said on Feb. 19 '08

Looks cool and makes me want taste their grill-stuff =]

SpiffyJ said on Feb. 19 '08

Cool. Looks very bar and grill appropriate. My only criticism is that "Bar & Grill" needs to be worked into that banner area a little better. I like the colors and type though.

Muamer said on Feb. 19 '08

Bravo Oronoz nice work! I agree with SpiffyJ about that "Bar & Grill"...just a little bit more...

raja said on Feb. 19 '08

yes - very nice overall effect - presentation is great too

joshuwack said on Feb. 19 '08

i think it's difficult to create something completely original for this type of client. but i think you accomplished a logo that will look great on a number of mediums. i also agree that the "Bar & Grill" is too tight within the banner. needs a little breathing room.

Respiro said on Feb. 20 '08

SpiffyJ > "My only criticism is that "Bar & Grill" needs to be worked into that banner area a little better." - I second that.

OcularInk said on Feb. 20 '08

Nice one, Oronoz!! I agree with the others about the 'Bar & Grill' type. That's the only area where my eye gets stuck. Even so, you kick A**!!

jayell said on Feb. 20 '08

looks like a typical american bar and grill or chocolat bar lol makes me want to eat anyway

Lawrence Anderson said on Feb. 20 '08

I like it. The tail of the ribbon for "bar and grill" looks a bit off though.

Oronoz ® said on Feb. 21 '08

Thanxs a lot guys!!! Your right about the banner, i hope this update loks better...:D

ViKiN said on Mar. 20 '08

All your work is great. I added you to my favorites. Please critique my work. I value your opinion.

voigtlander said on Mar. 26 '08

Utterly fantastic, this one has it all.
thumbs up

webdesign said on Jul. 20 '11

Simple but fantastic

joshuaslade said on Jun. 03 '12

Hey mate...

Love your work. Pure creation and thorough detail and design.
Just one Q. What is this style of Logo?? Im trying to look for tutorials that give me the understanding of how to make the text jump of the paper.

This text looks as if, if i run my finger across the word 'Rayenari', it would feel as if the text is risen through the page.. Would be great if you could lead me in the right direction as to where I could find a tutorial, or just explain the style name associated with Logos such as this, 'Nacho Macho, Tiny Chef etc.

Thanks Mate

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