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Description: Logo for a "fishwear" apparel company. I thought this was an awesome name.

As seen on: www.unreelfishwear.com

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Commenting: Not seeking critique

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outfox said on Oct. 10 '08

this one is my fave of the ones you posted :) nice flow to it!

mabu said on Jun. 29 '09

Clever work dude!

cseven said on Jun. 29 '09

That's gorgeous.

logomotive said on Sep. 09 '09


JF said on Sep. 09 '09


siah-design said on Sep. 09 '09

awesome mike!

logomotive said on Jan. 05 '10

Thanks JF and Siah.

logoboom said on Jan. 05 '10

geez...I never floated this? Love it.

JoePrince said on Jan. 05 '10

^Off with your head Glen! :)

logomotive said on Jul. 14 '10

Glen, where you been?

logomotive said on Oct. 05 '11

This logo will be included in Maggie Macnab's new book, Design by Nature.

Type08 said on Oct. 05 '11

Gratz Mike! I honestly think that this is one of your best logos and extremely underrated at this site.

logomotive said on Oct. 05 '11

^ Thanks a lot Alen, means a lot. ;)

logomotive said on Oct. 05 '11

I forgot to add it's in Gareth Hardy's Smashing Logo Design too :)

Type08 said on Oct. 05 '11

Yeah man, great book with great designers and great logos in it! Well done Gar!

Tømme said on Oct. 05 '11

Unreal skills..

laszlo sandor said on Oct. 05 '11

Nice logo!

dannygdammit said on Oct. 05 '11

man.. so flawless..

cleber said on Oct. 05 '11

Awesome logo!

Mikeymike said on Oct. 05 '11

So glad the gallery caught this one. A real Beauty, Mike. and congrats for the book features. well deserved. solid design.

LadyGrey said on Oct. 05 '11


balic said on Oct. 05 '11

Beautiful logo!
I'm surprized it waited 4 years!! to get gallerized.
Nice perspective and grait type combination.
And the hook is awsome!

rayf said on Oct. 05 '11


contrast8 said on Oct. 05 '11

here comes another compliment for a master:)

contrast8 said on Oct. 05 '11

exceptional work...

vergad said on Oct. 05 '11

awesome! ('unreal' was already taken)

matjak said on Oct. 05 '11

Nice job Mike.

dezinart said on Oct. 05 '11

Love this, I've seen it so often that I feel like it's been in the showcase.

nitish.b said on Oct. 05 '11

good stuff!

dotflo said on Oct. 05 '11


garychew1984 said on Oct. 06 '11

this is nice!

BuroBlauwBrug said on Oct. 06 '11

Wow, Nice!

bedemand said on Oct. 06 '11

Great job with the hook :)

logo design. said on Oct. 06 '11

Nice.. Great flow trough the word and good job on the hook. really nice

atomicvibe said on Oct. 06 '11

I gotta say, Mike, you got me hooked.

logomotive said on Oct. 06 '11

Thanks everyone. I just 'liked' all your comments.

rayf said on Oct. 06 '11

Best I've seen this year. Unbelievably "correct". Smashing job!

pjmaster said on Oct. 06 '11

Logo king stays logo king. Marvelous job Mike!

NicoCiego said on Oct. 07 '11

awesome design!

Serhos said on Oct. 08 '11

Mike that's killing! Just great!

Rokac said on Oct. 09 '11

^Echoing that. Top notch!

logomotive said on Oct. 09 '11

Cheers all , thanks for the real comments.

Muamer said on Oct. 09 '11

Happy to add 100th float on this super logo work!

Hayes Image said on Oct. 09 '11

Just make sure you're not fidhing for compliments :P

Hayes Image said on Oct. 09 '11

*Fishing ...good way to ruin a bad pun.

Type and Signs said on Oct. 11 '11

m a s t e r p i e c e !

valbo said on Oct. 14 '11


NorthernMunkeeCreative said on Nov. 11 '11

One of the best you've done!

logomotive said on Nov. 19 '11

Thanks Everyone!

ashmenon said on Sep. 16 '12

Hi there Mike, I've featured your Unreel logo in my Logos That Work blog post, which you can find here: http://www.ashmenon.com/logos-that-work-1/

I've provided a link back to this page, and I hope you'll be okay with me featuring your logo. I'd love it if you stopped by and let me know what you think about the article. Also, if you would like me to remove the logo, please let me know at ash @ ashmenon.com and I'll do so ASAP. Thanks!

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