by tabithakristen • Uploaded: Jul. 05 '13
Gallerized Jul. '13 5fb5b7b99ac5518bf9555e5c6c057451.png

Description: Unused proposal for FarmGeek. Tractor Glasses = this!

"FarmGeek builds products designed to provide the latest tech to farmers who want to optimize their business the same way practically all other businesses do - by tracking what's going on and making scientific adjustments to their practices."

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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rtaveira8 said on Jul. 07 '13

LOVE IT! congrats on being Gallerized

ladygrey said on Jul. 07 '13

Co-ol GEEK!

ladygrey said on Jul. 07 '13


brammoolenaar said on Jul. 07 '13

Cool! :D

tabithakristen said on Jul. 07 '13

Thanks guys! And thank you to whoever put this in the gallery. I appreciate it! :)

Durand said on Jul. 07 '13

Such a neat idea!

tabithakristen said on Jul. 09 '13

Thank you Durand!

caion said on Jul. 10 '13

lol, nice man :D

tabithakristen said on Jul. 17 '13

Thank you again Caion. I thought I responded to this already but apparently I was wrong! lol

cornflakez said on Oct. 17 '13

Looks very similar. Was this your inspiration?

tabithakristen said on Oct. 18 '13

Whoa. Nope! LOL. I've never seen that before. Coincidence. I promise. :)

Dalibass said on Oct. 28 '13

Love the idea and simplicity with execution... Very nice and effective! :)

tabithakristen said on May. 15 '14

Thank you Dalibass. :)

tabithakristen said on Jan. 28 '15

Thank you for all the floats friends. :)

THEArtistT said on Jan. 29 '15

I love this Tabitha!

RadekBlaska said on Feb. 02 '15

Cool idea Tabitha.

tabithakristen said on Feb. 17 '15

Thanks Trish and Radek :)

rudy hurtado said on Feb. 20 '15

This is clever, funny and easy to understand, well done.

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