Ocean Wide Productions

by DonMatus • Uploaded: Oct. 18 '07
Gallerized Oct. '07 fe5804961ebf85cf7f06c1e1f64e2c2c.png

Description: Scuba diving related company.

:revision 4

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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DonMatus said on Oct. 18 '07

I've changed the "W" the be a little more organic. Also moved and tweaked "production".

I've added a background for fun. Don't know if it needs it..

Thanks for all your comments guys..

firebrand said on Oct. 18 '07

Pretty much there. The eye looks a bit small though. Nice work.

DonMatus said on Oct. 18 '07

Good call, I made it a little bigger looks much better..

smartinup said on Oct. 18 '07

you may not need to space out production, but it does look pretty good as is. nice one. not sure about the w being dropped though but i see it will run into the dot in the i

ryantoyota said on Oct. 18 '07

I was thinking what clashmore was thinking all caps on "productions" might work better.

I like the improved W as well.

By the way, you don't need the background. If you did, it wouldn't be a good logo.

DonMatus said on Oct. 18 '07

I've moved the W up in line and changed "productions".

It's starting to feel right.. I' sure there's a little more tweaking to be done.. :P

OcularInk said on Oct. 19 '07

This has come a long way Don. Nice work!!

Matheus said on Oct. 20 '07

I read it and didn't realized that the O was part of the seahorse. VERY nice brand

artboy said on Oct. 22 '07

Really nice! For me though, something doesn't quite sit right with the 'w'. Doesn't seem to fit with the 'O' or the font used? Maybe because 'O' has thicker and thinner parts to it, not sure?

bigjerk said on Oct. 25 '07

The O is reading as a b to me at first...just my comment...

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