South Creative (Alternate)

by TrevC • Uploaded: Oct. 06 '07
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Description: A concept for a Graphic/Web design firm. Any critiques are welcomed. This one has a dark BG and custom type. Original is here:

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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TrevC said on Oct. 06 '07

I like this one as well, especially the type. I'm just not sure about going with a dark background. I always like the look of printed materials (like business cards) with a light BG.

There's a pile of alternates "here too":

wolv said on Oct. 06 '07

typeface is really good! i wonder how the icon looks like in monotone/bw? or it's not a requirement?

TrevC said on Oct. 06 '07

B&W is not a huge concern, but I am working on it. The mark would only be printed single colour on an envelope, everything else will be colour.

"B&W early concept here":

logomotive said on Oct. 06 '07

This looks really nice, you did a good job, however you may want to alter or rethink this concept. I have seen it done a few times such as one on logopond here they look very similar to me at least. I like though.

TrevC said on Oct. 06 '07

Thanks logomotive. I appreciate your input

I was aware that circular logos with overlapping elements have been done in various ways before, but I've always been a big fan of them. People seem to respond well to this style.

This mark originally started out as an abstract S and C, and I was trying to emphasise the southern hemisphere on a globe as part of it (since South Creative is located in Australia). It didn't work out, and a refined version turned out like this:)

logomotive said on Oct. 06 '07

Okie dokie then, just thought I'd let you know in case you may have not seen that style. Good luck with your end results.

Thomas said on Oct. 08 '07

Excellent work. I like it!

thomascerkevic said on Oct. 09 '07

Hey trevor, I like your work and I would very much like to contact you about it. Do you have an e-mail adress I could use?

trevc said on Oct. 09 '07

Hi Thomas, I can be contacted via trev {at} southcreative {dot} com

Dennisaa said on Oct. 23 '07

I like this a lot. Very nice indeed!

admarcbart said on Jan. 14 '08

Looks familiar. Not saying mine was the first. But how many of these do we need featured?

bpotstra said on Jan. 14 '08

lol @ admarcbart! truth.

groozdas said on Jan. 14 '08

yeah, it looks very similar to what i did :D One more prove of 'ideas are flying in the air'... I like the your though, mate.

groozdas said on Jan. 14 '08

... I like your type though.

artboy said on Jan. 15 '08

Also reminds me a lot of the 'Total' logo.

OcularInk said on Jan. 15 '08

Sorry, but I agree with the others. The type solution is nice, but this icon looks like all the other ones out there.

admarcbart said on Jan. 15 '08

Funny thing is there are about 4 or 5 that I know of here on the pond. :) Of course some of the color schemes or shapes may be different, however the concept is still the same.

"Seker1": (Mine)
"Seker2": (Mine)
"Igalia": (Former Feature on the Pond)

onesummer said on Jan. 15 '08

i'm beginning to think "circular ring" marks like this will be the next 'globe'. I think AT&T is due for another rebranding in about....a week...hehehe.

@trevc, nice execution of the mark though for "this type" of symbol. as long as you like it, that's what counts.

chungdha said on Jan. 16 '08

The icon looks like its been used vefore by other companies.

trevc said on Jan. 16 '08

Thanks to everyone for the comments and criticisms.

Artboy: The Total logo is interesing. I had some early concepts that were _very_ similar to that, when the S was still part of the design.

I've had a really good response to the logo (especially from clients and potential clients), so overall I'm not too worried if it's considered a common style/theme, etc.

admarcbart: I'd spotted Igalia ages ago, but hadn't seen your Seker logos. They're fantastic.

I'm glad to see a positive response to the type. I was nervous about making those changes.

dariux said on Jan. 17 '08

Simply ... excellent.

trevc said on Jan. 17 '08

For those of you that haven't seen it, the website to match has been completed. Live site is here:
"Gold Coast Web Design - South Creative":

salzstar said on Jan. 23 '08

good stuff, looks beautiful!

Tool said on Feb. 14 '08

at first glance i saw the firefox logo ;)

sunilsamuel said on Aug. 05 '08

Hi! This is my first comment on logpond.
The logo at first glance resembles firefox, maybe because of the colours more than the form. It also reminds me of "total"

talhah said on Nov. 28 '08

beautiful type...not sure about the symbol...(see above comment)
But nice clean logo none the less

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