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by wolv • Uploaded: Sep. 27 '07
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Description: Elegant Q for wedding photographer. a Q ring (update no sparkle)

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90degrees90 said on Sep. 27 '07

I really like the overall look! Suggestions:- Take out the 2 glare elements in the Q (they aren't serving any purpose), possibly make the leg of the 'Q' thinner, it looks too thick! I might centre the text below the 'cirlce' shape also.

Really nice logo!

ryantoyota said on Sep. 27 '07

This is beautiful. I kind of agree with 90degrees90 on the sparkles... unless they serve a special purpose. Everything else I think is perfect, including the alignment of the text. I absolutely love the triple meaning of the symbol. Perfectly executed!

firebrand said on Sep. 28 '07

Great symbol and typography but doesn't need the effects.

design_uk said on Sep. 28 '07

nice overall, no need for the extra sparkles etc.
The shadow looks a little odd, does it need it?

nido said on Sep. 28 '07

im liking this too.. & i kinda like the sparkles...

flipside said on Sep. 29 '07

Very elegant... I also agree, the sparkles are a nice touch but a little distracting from the overall feel of the design

wolv said on Oct. 01 '07

wow, i didn'nt expect such comments. thank you all, all the inputs are very valuable and i mean this is my first real client. thank you very much all :)

i think the sparkle is cool, i mean it's a wedding photographer and in my vision a wedding is something beautiful with sparkly thing like magic. and not much logo have a sparkle effect in it. you're right about the shadow, a little odd, i think i can take them out.
thanks all

chazthetic said on Oct. 08 '07

I agree, I don't like the sparkle either, but the concept and execution of everything else is great.

erikatwebologist said on Oct. 09 '07

While I think the sparkles add a unique touch to it, something about them seems out of place. Could you try playing around with them and trying different looks? If you don't think you can change the sparkles I would honestly leave them in; they set this logo apart from the rest. I think this concept is wonderful.

erikatwebologist said on Oct. 09 '07

P.S. I also think the gloss really adds to it.

wolv said on Oct. 27 '07

thanks erik,.. updated

ahab said on Oct. 27 '07

In the word's of the great Borat..."VERY NIIICE!"

firebrand said on Oct. 27 '07

I love this mark even more without the sparkles. A camera lense, ring, Q, P and yet so damn simple!

ryantoyota said on Oct. 27 '07

Firebrand, you missed the film roll!

firebrand said on Oct. 27 '07

Haha, so I did!

OcularInk said on Oct. 27 '07

So many hidden secrets. Sweet!!

wolv said on Oct. 27 '07

Hey, this up again :) thank you guys, i didn't notice there were so many secrets .. lol :) it was intended to be a Q ring, but an extra is always a good thing :)

icu said on Oct. 28 '07

I like it a lot. You have done a great work.

But text under Q should be centered. The rest is just perfect

wheedwacker said on Oct. 28 '07

doesnt look like a Q but it looks great anyways

wolv said on Oct. 28 '07

@icu: it does centered, with the tail altogether.

@wheedwacker: it has all the features of the letter Q

thanks for the comments :)

sandhya said on Oct. 28 '07


moverdrive said on Oct. 29 '07

Gorgeous mark. I like the odd balance. Really nice.

ryantoyota said on Nov. 12 '07

Wait... so the film roll wasn't intentional? That's the first thing I saw, and I thought it was the most brilliant representation of a film roll that I've ever seen.

wolv said on Nov. 26 '07

hehe, it's not intentional :)

gbo said on Dec. 13 '07

Nice logo & I like the sparkle. Nice logo.

ryantoyota said on Mar. 18 '09

I was just looking at this again. It also reminds me of the advance knob and shutter button on my old film SLR. I think that's six different interpretations now. What a great mark!

ahmedmaher said on Jun. 16 '14

gr8 logo nice work

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