Boston Bruins Concept Logo

by matthiason • Uploaded: Sep. 21 '07
Gallerized Sep. '07 b44bf2e9a47e4ddc85dbed746a8c1c13.png

Description: A concept I made a while ago. It's made it's way around the web a little bit, so I thought I'd post it here...

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: BearBruinsBostonHockey

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sdijock said on Sep. 21 '07

AWESOME! Loving the bear illustration especially. Just enough detail without being overdone. It's perfect.

Easily one of my favorite logos on this site. Kudos!

nido said on Sep. 21 '07

oh yeah.. this is awesome mate.. go Boston!

Art Machine said on Sep. 21 '07


admarcbart said on Sep. 21 '07

Good to see some other CCSL Boards Alum on here. I love this way more than their revamp this year!

blesseville said on Sep. 21 '07

When I first saw it I thought it was another one from logomotive.

Icon, type,colors etc. everything's great here.

geniuslogo said on Sep. 21 '07

Amazing, I love that icon!!!

matthiason said on Sep. 21 '07

Thanks everyone... About 90% of my portfolio is sports related, so you can probably expect more of the same kind of stuff in the future...

I have an ongoing series on the CCSLC Board called "Rebranding the NHL". You can see what other teams I've done along with uniforms, alt. logos, etc... I'll eventually end up posting them here when I get around to it.


logomotive said on Sep. 21 '07

I think nidos "Baby Bears" could take him LOL!. hey Nice work my friend.

carrihan said on Sep. 22 '07

Very well done, very strong... love it!

raja said on Sep. 22 '07

ooooooooh yeaaahhhh

tini1 said on Sep. 22 '07

I love the mark...incredible work...perfecto:)

onesummer said on Sep. 24 '07

heck yeah. great stuff.

ahab said on Sep. 24 '07

AWESOME! Seriously one of the best sports logos I've seen.

dreamerworx said on Sep. 24 '07

This is awsome!!!!!

yaserahmad said on Sep. 25 '07

very nice... bear illustration is AWESOME!

DarynStPierre said on Sep. 27 '07

Really, really nice! I'm a New England born Bruins fan and this logo definitely does them more than justice. Really nice concept. If they took this on as their new logo, I would have no objections. GOOD WORK!

Nikedemus said on Jan. 31 '08

awsome AND amazing. Its the bear. The lights and shadows makes it exciting.
The typo speeks the same language as the illustration.

bpp13 said on Jun. 28 '08

This is Awesome!! do you have a website at all? or somewhere to contact you? I'd love to talk to you about your work.

goerlitz said on Jul. 09 '08

I love this logo. Excellent mix of realism and stylish interpretation!

magicshadow said on Aug. 06 '08

this is awesome!

Oxide said on Aug. 07 '08

If this was implemented, it would be by far one of the best logos in the NHL.

xdukex said on Jan. 22 '09

Go Habs Go! ;P

Type08 said on Mar. 09 '10

One of my favorites of all times from the 'sports section'... :) This is an evergreen logo!

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