Fish Food

by garrettbolin • Uploaded: Apr. 16 '12
Gallerized Apr. '12 354e737223d1a7d902b43e618eea1d7e.png

Description: A mark of a fish skeletal system made of spoons, forks, & knifes.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: swimskeletonspoonrestaurantmark

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sdijock said on Apr. 16 '12

Clever as hell! Nice work.

nrcreative said on Apr. 16 '12


garrettbolin said on Apr. 16 '12

hahah I accidentally floated my own post.. and it wont let me take it back..

Thanks for the love @sdijock and @nrcreative

LadyGrey said on Apr. 16 '12

big rich idea!

artyom ya said on Apr. 16 '12

really good!

yuro said on Apr. 16 '12

wow thought))) very good!

sabb said on Apr. 17 '12

>))))> :D NICE

epicantus said on Apr. 17 '12

Cool logo, amazing idea!

watermarker said on Apr. 17 '12

Another example of 'why the heck didn't I had this idea before?' ! Great stuff, great execution.

square69 said on Apr. 17 '12

Love it!

oliverakos said on Apr. 18 '12


vinslëv said on Apr. 18 '12

Awesome !

grafix19 said on Apr. 19 '12

wooo perfect logo.

designerdan said on Apr. 20 '12

Love it.

NicoCiego said on Apr. 22 '12


moisespb said on Apr. 24 '12

very very nice!

Type and Signs said on Apr. 25 '12

did you give your permission for showing your logo on that site ... ??
I think they should at least mention the author of the design ...

Mikeymike said on Apr. 25 '12

^Bernd, I was just going to inform on the same thing. Lot of logoponder stuff on that site under different names. Unless designer's are posting, but under different names, if not I recommend checking the site out and sending a STOP notice.

garrettbolin said on May. 02 '12

Wow ya'll are awesome! I didn't realize this was gallerized! Thank you all for the love!

And thank you @Type and Signs & @Mikeymike I did did not give that site permission but I will definitely leave them some feed back. Thanks for having my back guys!

shinyC said on May. 13 '12

my god! so great !

garrettbolin said on May. 14 '12

haha Thanks @ShinyC

woodpeckr said on Jun. 03 '12

great idea!

hanuman shakti said on Dec. 20 '12

this is brilliant buddy! :) love it!

brammoolenaar said on Jan. 09 '13

Apparently somebody liked your idea a little too much: http://bit.ly/UBSBC8

timothy scott said on Jul. 19 '13

This is a very clever concept. Great work!

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