Hidden You

by GopsokLa • Uploaded: Apr. 14 '12
Gallerized Jul. '12 2124b67acc24a3703288f0b419312170.png

Description: Theme Discover the HIDDEN YOU.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: messagemanhiddenhide

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Type and Signs said on Apr. 15 '12

amazing !

gopsokla said on Apr. 15 '12

Thank you :)

Husac said on Apr. 17 '12

really nice man, great!

gopsokla said on Apr. 18 '12

Thank you Husac.

LadyGrey said on Apr. 20 '12

great graphic focus)

Gopsokla said on Apr. 21 '12

Lady grey thank u for comment and all floats.

cerise said on Jul. 02 '12

Nice and clever

Hayes Image said on Jul. 02 '12

Great use of space!!!

lumavine said on Jul. 02 '12

Very cool!!

gopsokla said on Jul. 03 '12

Oh thank you guys :D Cheers!

nitish.b said on Jul. 03 '12


neilss1 said on Jul. 03 '12

Amazing!! Great stuff

gopsokla said on Jul. 03 '12

nitish.b that was close lol.
neilss1 thanks.

tickey said on Jul. 03 '12

that's really very clever

gopsokla said on Jul. 03 '12

tickey thanks :)

jardo said on Jul. 03 '12

Clever idea!

antoonj said on Jul. 03 '12

amazing concept, I cant believe it got rejected..

AviaT- said on Jul. 03 '12

Really smart!

designabot said on Jul. 03 '12


gopsokla said on Jul. 03 '12

thanks guys.

pjmaster said on Jul. 04 '12

Haha.. cool one.

hm-himera said on Jul. 05 '12

Very cool!

Gopsokla said on Jul. 05 '12

Thank u guys

Veneta R said on Jul. 09 '12

Heh, gotta love negative space...

garychew1984 said on Jul. 09 '12

this is cool!

melissajmeyers said on Jul. 09 '12

I hate to bring this up but it's pretty close to a logo I posted about six months ago...http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/159333#

Gopsokla said on Jul. 09 '12

Actually i am inspired from fedex logo of hidden arrow. This is a font i use most of the time and everytime i use E i see the image of the man. So it came into existence..

Yours is cool as well but lil more closer to fedex i think.

sabb said on Jul. 10 '12

very nicee

gopsokla said on Jul. 11 '12

Thank you sabb

elpuser said on Jul. 23 '12

cool :)

nydesign said on Aug. 08 '12

gotta love negative space concepts. nice work!

Gopsokla said on Aug. 21 '12

Thanx guys :)

Dzire2Dzine said on Jun. 22 '13

Simply amazing..

gopsokla said on Jul. 05 '13

Thanks Saket

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