The Leaven for Humanae Vitae

by LumaVine • Uploaded: Dec. 10 '11
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Description: Unused proposal. This is for a charity that focuses on social justice through helping those facing hardship as a result of following the principles of the Humanae Vitae, a declaration of human worth and dignity. The name 'Leaven' comes from the idea that yeast spreads through dough as they hope to have their work multiplied by inspiring others to help also.

The concept here is to keep the text prominent while using the wheat stalks as an accent - a kind of framing embrace or rising up.

As seen on: The Leaven for Humanae Vitae

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: texttypographytypenonprofitbread

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Flit said on Dec. 10 '11

Like *

florisvoorveld said on Dec. 10 '11

not the most creative one imo but nicely executed

lumavine said on Dec. 10 '11

Wow! thanks so much! There is just so much going on with the title, both in length and the number of uncommon words, that I didn't want to overdo it with imagery as well. Some other concepts are in the works as well. Thanks for the feedback!

Type and Signs said on Dec. 11 '11

beautiful Lumavine ... great job !!

balic said on Dec. 11 '11

Looks great!
Nice matching fonts and well balanced overall.

lumo said on Dec. 12 '11

Agree. Type is lovely. Deserves front page imo.

lumavine said on Dec. 12 '11

Hey thanks so much all of you! It really means a lot to me to have your comments!

simonfenix said on Dec. 12 '11


lumavine said on Dec. 13 '11

Thanks Simon!

Antonio Cappucci said on Dec. 17 '11

Great work!!!

lumavine said on Dec. 17 '11

Thanks so much Antonio !

cruckntask said on Feb. 23 '12

perfect color match :)

lumavine said on Feb. 23 '12

Thanks cruckntask! Is that your real name? ;)

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