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by mireldy • Uploaded: Aug. 03 '07
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Description: logo for artfire film production agency

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Matheus said on Aug. 03 '07

are you sure you used the template? this looks distorted (text)

firebrand said on Aug. 03 '07

Wow, this is stunning.

mireldy said on Aug. 03 '07

I will fix that font distortion.
and hole in fire will be actually cut out on any printed application

logomotive said on Aug. 03 '07

I'm loving it, but the major concern I have is how it will reproduce on darker background? Film logos are are almost always on darker backgrounds and the whole paper effect will be lost. But it is impressive for print.

ahab said on Aug. 03 '07

very cool idea and nice execution.

mireldy said on Aug. 03 '07

Yes I thought about that as well. Red and yellow colors will be more intensive for black background preparing. But its true, it does work better on white.

OcularInk said on Aug. 03 '07


kaimere said on Aug. 03 '07

beautiful ... i cant really see any problems with this whether in black and white or on a dark background ... can see it really popping on a dark background ... nice .... and wow

Matheus said on Aug. 03 '07

it's good even with the distortion, the first time I saw it I actually thought that the text was burned up

admarcbart said on Aug. 03 '07

Nice one man.

logomotive said on Aug. 03 '07

@ kaimere, it's a burnt effect how can it work on black? half of the effect is black, it is not a flame it's a burnt mark and that was my concern. I guess you could always add a white piece of paper (square) around the mark. I do think it's fantastic just making a real reproduction issue that's all.

kaimere said on Aug. 04 '07

@logomotive ... i'll place money it'll work ... just saying :) I have seen ideas in the same vein work on black ... not a huge leap ....

Logomotive said on Aug. 04 '07

Ha, I see you have "money to burn" (joke) hey I'm just saying this mark relies on MATTER in this case the paper. How's it going to work say on film screen? I guess I would have to see it to take your word humm. This is somewhat of the same challenge I have been up against with my ice logo where it's dependant on the background (transparency).Anhow it WORKS AWESOME here. nuff said.

kaimere said on Aug. 04 '07

heheh ill be burning your cash :) the only reason i say it'll be easy is ... mines not in the same league ... but tangerine is of the same ilk :) ...

I can tell ya how to get the transparent one to work too :)

nido said on Aug. 04 '07

im kinda backin kaimere on this.. so dont burn all his cash dude.. want half;)... in this day & age guys.. even black would print well on black!!! if you know what i mean.. anyway... as for the film screen.. as an animated version this would be awsome!!!

ahab said on Aug. 04 '07

This rocks! What don't you guys put this in the gallery already!!!!

kaimere said on Aug. 05 '07

Im in the money, im in the money loooool ... just kidding ... looks good.... again great logo

mireldy said on Aug. 05 '07

Once again thanks for comments - all of them :)
Version without jagged text is reuploaded.
I was aware of the black-background-problem, but client liked idea a lot.
For the black background logo will be modified - red and yellow will be more contrasted and there will not be cut out hole in the middle (we still preparing that version).

Art Machine said on Aug. 05 '07

Nice concept and very good execution.

And it bothers me that your logo reminds me of http://www.burela.org/imagenes/torneo/burn.jpg">burn energy drink because I really like what you've created here.

logomotive said on Aug. 05 '07

well then,.. I hate it when I'm wrong (not very often)ha ha . Kaimere whats your bank route number? LOL

ahab said on Aug. 05 '07

@Art Machine: I think that other logo is not close at all. Yeah, the energy drink logo is a flame, How many logos have flames? Also, this one is more of the burnt residue left over from the flame.

Mireldy, I've got your back! People get very critical one here...but that's usually a good thing.

Mike (logomotive)...way to be a good sport.

Art Machine said on Aug. 05 '07

I agree with you ahab, this logo is very well done and indeed is not close to the **burn** logo and that's why I said it bothered me to be reminded of the energy drink's logo.
Mireldy's logo is beautiful. : )

ahab said on Aug. 05 '07


kaimere said on Aug. 06 '07

hehehe virtual beers on you logomotive :)

raja said on Aug. 06 '07

this is hot

onesummer said on Aug. 06 '07

impressive. and the original is in vector format?

brandsimplicity said on Aug. 06 '07

Whoa!...this is nice.

efox5 said on Aug. 06 '07

It's beautiful, but how could you use them into print?

[sternz] said on Aug. 08 '07

This design is freakin' sweet. It is one of those, "damn I wish I thought of that" designs. Nice work.

mireldy said on Aug. 08 '07

Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate it

taytee01 said on Aug. 09 '07

I'm just in awe. And I love how you'll actually "burn" through the paper when it's printed. Very thoughtful!!

kowercje said on Aug. 09 '07

Beautiful design. May I ask what font that is?

cobaltcow said on Aug. 14 '07

this is totally awesome! I'm not convinced on the black, but i think you could make it work by just adding it to a scrap of brown paper or something like that. I think you need it to look like it's actually burnt something and the flat black doesnt really give that to me.

Awesome work!

Gelbdesign said on Aug. 24 '07

wow - its cool!

moverdrive said on Sep. 19 '07

Beautiful design. I can think of several ways you could make minor alterations to work on black or dark backgrounds. Great, creative solution.

maximalist said on Apr. 21 '08


firebrand said on Apr. 21 '08

It's a scorcher. How does it work on a dark background. LOL!

Amidza said on May. 20 '08

Cestitke za nagradu :)
odlican je logo

Muamer said on May. 20 '08

Raja cestitam vam na osvojenoj nagradi! Pozdrav iz SA :)

mireldy said on Jun. 15 '08

ej hvala vam:)
tek sad smo vidjeli komentare

lindemannrock said on Aug. 12 '10

I caught this on the intro to PaperMan .. the animation and logo are stunning ... truly great work ... works soooo well

Type and Signs said on Sep. 16 '11

h e l l !

jands said on Oct. 09 '11

hahhaha , amazing one !

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 14 '13


LittleGuyLogos said on Mar. 27 '13

Beautiful design!

ClimaxDesigns said on Dec. 01 '14

Glad to you posting again!

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