Florida Smokehouse 2

by TypeandSigns • Uploaded: Sep. 01 '11
Gallerized May. '12 1440b83ccbc00d139735f0fd806633fc.png

Description: another proposal ... this guy took it all and vanished ...

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: communicationbeveragesfoodbeerbar

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Mikeymike said on Sep. 01 '11

a nice feel to this one, bernd.

deiv said on Sep. 01 '11


deiv said on Sep. 01 '11


Bernd said on Sep. 01 '11

ou ... wou ... u tu ... MM and d ... thanks senpais ... tu deiv ... sei stato tu chi parla italiano ...
tante ... tante ... grazie veccio !!

Bernd said on Sep. 01 '11

thanks swimmers ... far too kind !!

levogrin said on Sep. 02 '11

Fantastic logo!

Bernd said on Sep. 04 '11

thanks levogrin ... and all swimmers

Bernd said on Sep. 09 '11

all these floats .... I'm overwhelmed ... yes I am !

nathantrafford said on Sep. 09 '11

this is nice work. Wish you could change the status to 'Work for a Jerk'! Not cool.

Bernd said on Sep. 09 '11

nathan ... you are right ... you know it's not a problem to loose a job ... but it's hard to loose the work ...

nathantrafford said on Sep. 09 '11

Wait, how did you lose the work!?

justinbakerdesigns said on Sep. 09 '11

Sorry to hear Bernd! The logo work here is amazing!

Bernd said on Sep. 09 '11

I was too naiv ... my wife Lorena and me where asked to do some type stuff for the FSH ... we did it ...
sent hi some proposals ... and basta communication ... he vanished without one word or paying money ... you know today it's easy to use a PDF to finalize a work ... sad thing ...

nathantrafford said on Sep. 09 '11

ohhhh ok, i thought you meant that he somehow got all of your original work off your computer! still a bummer. Was there any meta data inside the pdf? are they using the logo now? If your name is in the original metadata, you can still get compensation.

Bernd said on Sep. 09 '11

you know ... from time to time I check all the smoke houses available in (don't remember the name of the city right now ... have to check my papers) didn't find anaything up to now ... and I think it's obvious he used a false name ...

nathantrafford said on Sep. 09 '11

that makes me sad :( Down payments, my friend!!

hanuman shakti said on Sep. 10 '11

O, this is elegant....love it! :)

oliverakos said on Sep. 12 '11

great great great!!

Bernd said on Sep. 12 '11

nathan, hanuman, oliverakos ... thanks so much guys for paying attention to my work ...

Agencija said on Sep. 13 '11

How to Float your new LOGO its nobles nice. But where is L in logo. B & L as duo tandem!

Bernd said on Sep. 13 '11

that B stands for Berengo which stands for Berengo Type and signs ... our new coop ... I will create another solution with an TS in the center of the crest ...

atomicvibe said on Sep. 15 '11

Very cool logo; sorry that your client flaked out on you like that. You should make a branding iron out of this logo, track this guy down, and leave him a nice little memento of your work right on his @$$.

Bernd said on Sep. 15 '11

;D ... don't even know his real name .... ;D

anghelaht said on Sep. 16 '11

naah...don't you guys worry about that guy...he'll surely burn in hell! :))))))

alessio cristino said on Sep. 16 '11

Mi piace moltissimo. Mi spiace invece per ci che successo con il cliente... un brutto mondo :'(

Type and Signs said on Sep. 16 '11

si ... ma non si pu fare nulla ... ci sono sempre questi bastardi ... ma ... ho imperato un sacco di cose utile con questo lavoro .... tu vivi a Foggia ... vero?? non sono mai stato ... mia moglie viene da Venezia ... quanto mi manca la famiglia italiana ... ti saluto

boldflower said on Sep. 24 '11

Woooooowwww! VERY VERY NICE !!!!!

jands said on Sep. 24 '11

wuooolia ! nice !!!!

Type and Signs said on Sep. 25 '11

BF ... jands ... people ... thank you so much for commenting

Type and Signs said on Sep. 26 '11

Thank you lefty .... sorry for boring you again and again ... ;P

GopsokLa said on May. 30 '12

well well they can steal your artwork but not the credit. I will report to you if I ever see this anywhere :D Nice one.

Type and Signs said on May. 30 '12

ohh --- LP ... what's up ... this tragic piece ... ;D ... thanks a lot for "gallerizing" ... appreciated !!

@ GopsokLa ... would be great ... thanks a lot ...!

campfire said on May. 30 '12

Nice work. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Florida is notorious for shady business characters. I lived there once.

Type and Signs said on May. 31 '12

Thanks campfire ... yep ... s... happens ... It was not the first time and certainly not the last ...

brandingbros said on Jun. 01 '12

great work :)

ocularink said on Jun. 01 '12

Sorry to hear that, man. Looks good.

Type and Signs said on Jun. 02 '12

thanks guys !

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