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by LumaVine • Uploaded: May. 12 '11
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Description: Revision 5.1 of a wordmark for a website that recommends lists of products and services that are the cream-of-the-crop. Thanks for all the feedback.

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Status: Unused proposal

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chirp said on May. 12 '11

Two ligatures I love: the a-m and the L-period. Really well crafted!

lumavine said on May. 12 '11

Thanks so much chirp! I am glad you noticed (and loved) those details!

Bernd said on May. 13 '11

what a beautiful lettering - love it !

alexanderspliid said on May. 13 '11

Looks really great. And i agree with Chirp. Those are really great ligatures... Perhaps the "r" is the only letter i would tweak a bit.

LadyGrey said on May. 13 '11

So good

Simon™ said on May. 13 '11

Very good. My 2c worth. The 's' feels a little tall compared to the other letters. And the 't' could move down a tad. I love the 'L-period' ligature so much, I wonder if it's worth joining the top loop to the dot on the 'C'? Just to help balance it all out. If it becomes too busy, maybe just extend halfway? I love the coffee-and-cream palette. Very sophisticated looking.

nathantrafford said on May. 13 '11

Small details I noticed: 1. Something I would try, and this is something I've found only works about half the time, is reducing the thickness of the capital letters so that the line-weights match throughout the mark. 2. Love the 'L', but it really overshadows the very plain 'C'. I'd give the 'C' some cream-love (sorry) so that it is equal to the L. 3. There are a few inconsistencies with how the letters are connecting. The C-e, e-a, and a-m don't touch, while the s-t and the c-o-m do touch. I think I prefer the execution on the a-m (touching on one side but not on the other) because it seems to add a little dimension, as if the link between the letters is behind the other stroke. I hope that last sentence made sense haha. Anyway, this small break sort of serves as a highlight, also, which adds to the cream feeling. Overall, I think this is well on it's way to being an outstanding mark!

herbyderby said on May. 13 '11

So recognizable. Nice work.

IMO, the C could use a little more love, since the L has been shown so much. And the top loop in the L feels like it could be connected to the great "line connection" started with the A and M. I hope that makes sense. And just bump the size of ".com" up about 8-10%?

watermarker said on May. 13 '11

Hm... I initially did read 'Creamfist'... by this it got definitly my attention at least. :D

lumavine said on May. 13 '11

Oh wow, serves me right to be offline for this long! Thanks for all the comments, it is still a work in process so they are super helpful. I did originally have more going on with the C but it started getting a little reminiscent of Coca-Cola, so I cut back on those flourishes. But I can see what you mean. I will definitely be taking all your comments to heart. Thanks so much!

lumavine said on May. 14 '11

Better? Worse? Thoughts? Thanks for the helpful comments!

logotivity said on May. 14 '11

creamlist it is, only thing I can think is to bring the arch on the bottom of the C down a little further, it almost seems like it gets squared off there. I like it either way, doesn't have to be perfect to make it a good design..

nathantrafford said on May. 14 '11

C is still kinda lacking. I'd still try reducing the thickness of it, as well as the L. I think it needs to have a looser, more flowing feel. I'm thinking the gaps between where the letters connect wasn't the best solution (sorry for suggesting it!) They probably just need connecting. The L is lookin nice and overall i think you're almost there! Great work!

lumavine said on May. 14 '11

Updated again.

logotivity said on May. 16 '11

I'm really digging the C now.. Flows very nicely!

garabatos said on May. 16 '11

me encanta la tipografia

lumavine said on May. 16 '11

Thanks logotivity and garabatos! I am still keen on some comments!

herbyderby said on May. 16 '11


nathantrafford said on May. 16 '11

While i think this works fine, I'd like to see other options. I don't know whether the repeating top twist on top of the C and L is the right solution, as the C still feels inferior to the L. The L is just so outrageous in its 'swoop'. When drawing a C, the same 'swoop' feeling is in that big left arch. I really think this has to be bigger. The connection between the C and the e may have to be sacrificed, but honestly, i think it may be holding it back anyway because it takes away the definite 'end' to the C that the L has. Or maybe the tail of the e comes below to finish in a cute little swoosh instead of going upwards? Either way i think the left side of that C has to get bigger and 'swoopier' (but watch that line weight! it's still aaalmost too thick). man i sound like a grumpy old man! haha! i think i will always be this way when it comes to type.

Simon™ said on May. 17 '11

Hi Lumavine, just had to check in on this one! Wow ... looking so good! I think that everyone's comments have helped steer this towards something even more special. Beautiful typography! :-)

lumavine said on May. 18 '11

Hey, Thanks so much Simon, Nathan, and HerbyDerby! I am really pleased with the direction this is going, just have to wait to see what the client thinks! I certainly appreciate your in depth analysis Nathan! I think you have some good points, and I still hope to see this refined a bit more. Thanks again!

nathantrafford said on May. 18 '11

No problem! Always like to help out, as it helps me become a better designer too! Good luck with the client, hopefully he'll cream his pants when he sees it! ...sorry.

lumavine said on May. 19 '11

Thanks Nathan!

justinbakerdesigns said on May. 19 '11

I love the where this logo ended up. The improvemnts look great!

cresk said on May. 20 '11

Also love the name :D

lumavine said on Jun. 16 '11

Thanks! Looks like we might be going in a slightly different direction. I really appreciate all your comments!

JF said on Jul. 16 '11

This is good.

cnasshan said on Jul. 16 '11

This is a great design, but like watermarker said previously, The capital "L" here for some reason is too close to a lowercase "f" in this kind of style. The flourish of the "L" looks like it's serving as an underline for the word fist (even though I understand its appearance right now is for continuity). My two cents is to give the "L"'s flourish a little more weight. This is just my opinion. Apologies if this has been discussed already before.

nathantrafford said on Jul. 17 '11

cream fist?! what direction did they end up going with, mr. vine?

lumavine said on Jul. 18 '11

Wow thanks for all the comments! I can see some room for improvement here. Unfortunately it looks like the project probably won't be completed. I really appreciate all your feedback!

epicantus said on Aug. 20 '11

So much comments over here.. Still I think it's just perfect typography!!!

epicantus said on Aug. 20 '11

Seriously... It's so lovely!

lumavine said on Aug. 21 '11

Wow! I love to hear your reaction! Thanks Thanks thanks!

Dalibass said on Oct. 28 '13

Very creamy... :) Highly legible - love the flow and overall coherence! :)

lumavine said on Oct. 28 '13

Thanks for your kind words Dalibass!

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