Plastic Whale

by brandberry • Uploaded: Jul. 09 '07
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jayred said on Jul. 09 '07

This illustration is really nice, but the type is really bad. Sorry. I'd get rid of the all caps and try a font with a bit more interest since the whale is very simple smooth, curved lines.

brandberry said on Jul. 09 '07

thanx 4 critics jayred. its not the final variant and so i need real advise about font. help!!!

goders said on Jul. 10 '07

Brandberry, might be worth shaping the text around the nose of the whale? make sense? really like the illustration though dude.

XLCowBoy said on Jul. 10 '07

Nice Logo. You need a rounder font though. Even rounded corners would do.

brandberry said on Jul. 10 '07

2 goders i`ll try
2 XLCowBoy i think so. it will be good

slightlyshocked said on Jul. 31 '07

I didn't see the first font, but this one works.

OcularInk said on Aug. 01 '07

Nice and plasticy. Appropriate use of effects. Good job.

jwadenpfuhl said on Aug. 01 '07

I would like to see this in different colors...the green and yellow combined with the shape of the whale remind me of fruit.

I like the illustration though, I think that totally works as well as the plastic effects.

ahab said on Aug. 01 '07

Great style in the illustration...

Besides all the font feedback. I would suggest the harsh line that you have defining the green in the tale looks awkward to me. Have you tried actually swooping that so maybe it looks like it flows into the large portion of green you have on the body. I think just slightly curve a point to the back side of the whale to where the green disappears behind it and then reappears on the large part of the whales body.

Other than that...COOL!

dikkers said on Aug. 01 '07

yeah i think it looks really good, but the way the line follows make him looks like ke's be twister or "ringed out"

dikkers said on Aug. 02 '07

actually, i take that back, not i see it as him swimming up and to his left

Gelbdesign said on Aug. 24 '07

yes, its works!!!

utkin said on Aug. 29 '07

Blin! It's great!

billybarker said on Feb. 04 '08

I think this is great!

mope said on Feb. 21 '08

I haven't seen the previous versions, but i think you nailed it with this final (?) version. I dig it a lot! Good work!

THEArtistT said on Sep. 07 '08

well done.

qanber said on Feb. 13 '09

Nice work. nice effect of plastic.

mcfluff said on Mar. 06 '09

One of my favourites ^^

logotivity said on May. 13 '09

What do you notice about this image? Did you give them rights to it?


Thrasher317 said on Oct. 22 '09

Nice find logotivity...hrmmm

nido said on Oct. 22 '09

the M with wings & especially the bandit dude with the hat & red scarf look very familiar too!...

firebrand said on Oct. 22 '09

Must have been using them as comps. They're not on this beta site:


nido said on Oct. 22 '09

^ I was just going through the same site as you Roy & was surprised not to find them...

logopunk said on May. 09 '10

Nice looking design, glossy and almost touchable, but not sure it works as a pure identity.

Love said on Sep. 21 '10

;-) really cute. I do agree with jayred about the font though!

tabithakristen said on Sep. 28 '10

These spammers are getting out of hand. Penderfer, troll somewhere else.

JF said on Dec. 23 '10

Just deleted a few old spammy posts on this thread. I really hate spammers.

vadimpaschenko said on Jun. 11 '16

amazing logo

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