by DesignerAG • Uploaded: Dec. 08 '10
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Description: dig and shovel in negative space

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: negativeshoveldig

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deiv said on Dec. 08 '10

damn! today you're diggin' lp:D

Matto said on Dec. 08 '10

Yeah Deiv, I just have a lot of ideas now, but they all are without purpose. Strange thing that there is absolutely no orders at autumn and winter. This is the reason why I'm uploading my logos made just for fun now. :)

logomotive said on Dec. 08 '10

Nice!, one of the best digs I've seen. Have you tried squaring off the flared d and g? I think it's not needed here.

Matto said on Dec. 08 '10

Thank you for advice Mike, I'm glad you like it :)


deiv said on Dec. 08 '10

with or without orders, i'm glad that you are working, generating ideas and doing stuff like you say 'for fun'. we all see that you are still working and ready to have new orders. good luck there, mate! ;)

cesaralbuquerque dcp said on Dec. 08 '10


JoePrince said on Dec. 08 '10

Something needs tweaking IMO, but concept is great Arnas. Maybe it doesn't look optically pleasing because of the drastic varying weight in the type...not sure if there's a proper solution to that though without impeding the clarity of the concept.

tickey said on Dec. 08 '10

wonderful concept, but do agree with Joe that it needs some tweaking. Waiting to see the revised version.

campfire said on Dec. 08 '10

This idea works perfectly imo. Clever thinking!

hertzpectiv said on Dec. 08 '10

Im diggin' this one.

ru_ferret said on Dec. 09 '10

Looks original Matto!

jucha said on Dec. 09 '10

Great idea!

Mikeymike said on Dec. 09 '10

sweet idea there, matto! nice.

Matto said on Dec. 09 '10

A big thanks to all of you!

Joe, I know what do you mean, but I still haven't find the solution which can fix that. If I make the handle/counter in the g bigger it looks much better. But then we don't have the shovel...

logomotive said on Dec. 09 '10

Matto, I agree with some of the comments regarding the width of the d compared to the g. maybe try making the d have more weight? I think since it's the first letter it can work.

logomotive said on Dec. 09 '10

Matto, I agree with some of the comments regarding the width of the d compared to the g. maybe try making the d have more weight? I think since it's the first letter it can work. It would be like a lowercase capital d if that makes sense.

logomotive said on Dec. 09 '10

In other words, maybe make the lobe of the d wider,leaving the stem of d the same width but might have to make it taller.

ethereal said on Dec. 09 '10

That's cool! I had a thought, feel free to ignore it, but it would be cool if the d and g were the same shape so that it was kind of a pseudo ambigram.

Matto said on Dec. 09 '10

Mike, I hope I understood you correctly, so here is some updates I've made. Does it look better?

Sean, thank you for the suggestion, but the g looks like q then. I already tried it :)

ethereal said on Dec. 09 '10

Hey, Arnas. No, no, I was thinking you could use the g as the character (I should have said that). I actually tried this on my computer earlier. Take the g and rotate it 180 and then flip it to form the d. Now, if the d looks too much like a lower case "a" you could then modify the top stroke some (and then mirroring that in the g). Make sense? Looked kind of cool.

Matto said on Dec. 10 '10

Yup, I've got it now Sean, but I'm still not sure. I just tried to make that d like g, but even I modify it in any case looks misleading. I mean similarity with a. Just don't like to include too much here. But thank you again Sean, I appreciate it :)

ethereal said on Dec. 10 '10

Ha, ha, sorry, just an idea! It's a nice funky quality right now, I like it.

michaelspitz said on Dec. 12 '10

Clever stuff ;)

vergad said on Dec. 14 '10

yeah, i'm loving this!

Mikeymike said on Dec. 15 '10

very clever. turned out great.

Chad Sanderson said on Dec. 15 '10

Nice approach to the shovel concept! Haven't seen one like this before.

Matto said on Dec. 15 '10

Thank you for your kind words :)

mh said on Dec. 15 '10

great work!
nice to see this in the gallery :)

bigoodis said on Dec. 15 '10

very nice work dude!

sbj said on Dec. 16 '10


visualperception said on Dec. 16 '10

Great execution, love the simplicity and cleverness. Nice work.

Matto said on Dec. 16 '10

Thank you guys, you all are very kind!

monnay79 said on Dec. 16 '10

I "DIG" IT!!!!

logotivity said on Dec. 17 '10

except it's a shovel and not a bone ^

It's awesome work, great job!

muse7 said on Dec. 17 '10


matto said on Dec. 19 '10

Thanks to everyone

fosterbarker said on Dec. 20 '10

Was gonna say I dig it, but I'm pretty sure several folks beat me to it. Lets say...you've...'unearthed'...a...winner??? Ok lets not...great job!

Tømme said on Dec. 21 '10

Very clever mate, a true winner

sabb said on Jan. 05 '11

simple n attractive.

eitam said on Jan. 18 '11

smart, solid and beautiful

matto said on Jan. 23 '11

Thanks to everyone, I appreciate your comments.

josephblalock said on Mar. 07 '11

Very nice!

hitbyreindeer said on Jun. 28 '11

this is a fine pice of design!

Dan. said on Nov. 24 '11

Excellent work.

matto said on Oct. 16 '12

Poor guy, haha!

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 20 '13

Very clever stuff

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