by Gal • Uploaded: Oct. 08 '10
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Description: Seahunter. Logo on the sea yacht.
copyright: Galitsyn

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: wingsnatureanimaleaglebird

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mamgust.com said on Oct. 08 '10

I looked and thought - this has to be Gal work! Brillant!

Gal said on Oct. 08 '10

Thanks the guys. I am glad, that it is pleasant to you.

marvin k. said on Oct. 08 '10

Ah I remember, youre that guy with overpowered (animal) illustration skills. Very nice! This style really sets it apart from the rest.

lumo said on Oct. 08 '10

nice one. you do have a certain style and it looks really good.

sbj said on Oct. 08 '10

great as always..

ALL4LEO said on Oct. 08 '10

Amazing style,amazing!

Always pleasure to see unique works...

Mikeymike said on Oct. 08 '10

such a treat to see your style in action, man. love it. so clean and powerful.

vasvari said on Oct. 08 '10

Perfect Gal!

crdesigner said on Oct. 08 '10

Great Colours. perfect composition.

EricNeal said on Oct. 08 '10

this is very well done, great work as usual

Gal said on Oct. 08 '10

Thank you guys for the recognition and promotion.)

JoePrince said on Oct. 08 '10

Too good.

James Ewin Designs said on Oct. 08 '10

Can spot you work a mile off Gal. Another beauty!

Gal said on Oct. 08 '10

Thanks Joe and James.

logoses.com said on Oct. 08 '10

amazing work...!!!

Noetic Brands said on Oct. 08 '10

love all your illustrations man!

Gal said on Oct. 08 '10

Thanks Peter and Riz.

filipev said on Oct. 08 '10

Knew it was yours :).
Looks good.

carlitoone said on Oct. 09 '10

great one !

- Yoon - said on Oct. 09 '10

Dolgo gadatj ne pri6losj 4ja rabota )

thomas said on Oct. 09 '10

Insanely great.

logomotive said on Oct. 09 '10

^ditto that

logoses.com said on Oct. 09 '10

Gal...who is your online Portfolio? I want to know more from you and your work. I would pay a lot of money to see a Tutorial on that style of logos....;-) A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

deiv said on Oct. 09 '10

you got style! nice to see great work! :)))

cerise said on Oct. 09 '10

great stuff as usual 8)

theartistt said on Oct. 10 '10

If I had a complaint, it would be that the off side wing is too big and overpowering. It should be slightly smaller than the fore wing. Now it may be smaller, but because it is in full silhouette, it appears bigger and heavier. Just a tiny balance issue because of it. LOVE this though.

Gal said on Oct. 10 '10

Thank you guys for specific comments and approval.)
@Peter Voth. That's doing his portfolio.))

Gal said on Oct. 10 '10

logoses.com said on Oct. 11 '10


logoses.com said on Oct. 11 '10

By the way...how old are you Gal???

robzig said on Oct. 11 '10

I love these. Excellent!

jippy rinaldi said on Oct. 11 '10

Perfect! Love your style!!

zAnta said on Oct. 12 '10

stunning work! I totally adore it!

Won't work in small sizes however, will it?

firebubble design said on Oct. 12 '10

Great illustration skills and a really cool final piece. Good job.

hyperborea said on Oct. 12 '10

again great one gal. because of your passion for illustrating all the animals in your own style, could we call you zooLOGOist?

hamidos said on Oct. 12 '10

wow, nice effect.. with very good color scheme

Gal said on Oct. 12 '10

Thanks the guys.
@zAnta. It is possible to use in the smallest size. Until then while the image will be visible.)

Gal said on Oct. 12 '10

@hyperborea. That reserve, I draw.)

ryanlynndesign said on Oct. 13 '10

I think this one is my favorite out of the marlin and the others!

Gal said on Oct. 13 '10

Thanks Ryan.
Do not hurry. I still shall draw. To me have reserved now wolves.)

nolete said on Oct. 14 '10

Amazing as usual... you'll be a legend one day!

mikxel said on Oct. 15 '10

WOW... stunning.

mcdseven said on Oct. 15 '10

beautiful work as usual.

mh said on Oct. 15 '10

once more, great style!

Gal said on Oct. 18 '10

Thank you guys for Acclaim.)

pavlusha said on Oct. 19 '10

When the russians see this they say: "drochu"(masturbate :)
Nice, nice!

morolong said on Nov. 10 '10


logomotive said on Jun. 18 '11

If this is for client work, Then WHY are you selling it on Shutterstock??? as with all you other "client" work.

Gal said on Jun. 18 '11

@ LOGOMOTIVE. The client has asked to reduce the price for work and doesn't object to the further sale. He has received the price for it in 300 dollars instead of 600. The logo is used for a yacht ornament.

Gal said on Jun. 19 '11

@ LOGOMOTIVE. I am flattered by your attention to my creativity. If there are still questions on my works ask. Idea of this logo too mine. The client has the yacht-catamaran, therefore wings of an eagle are lowered downwards.)

yhanktou said on Oct. 15 '11

Gal you are a machine, superb style.

Gal said on Oct. 17 '11

Thanks Edgar

hanuman shakti said on Nov. 06 '11


Gal said on Nov. 08 '11

Thanks hanuman

yhanktou said on Nov. 12 '12

Fly Gal, Fly...
Your unique talent is spread all over the world.

THEArtistT said on Nov. 13 '12


vadimpaschenko said on Jun. 11 '16

beautiful work

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