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Description: Pronounced [ve-seel], VESSEL is a group of cosmetic surgeons. The concept of the logo was to convey incompleteness. The surgeons role was to help the patient obtain their vision of completeness. I know it's trite and pretty vain, but I think the logo turned out pretty good.

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senterbrands said on Jun. 01 '07

I happen to like the incomplete feel to this. It has balance, form and function. Nice job.

dache said on Jun. 01 '07

I dont really understand the accent on the "e". Is it perhaps vessél or vessèl? I like how you cut the 2 "s"s

Craven91 said on Jun. 01 '07

First off, you are a bad salesman. Why even label this trite? Or are you finshing for compliments?

I can see your concept here. I think it works. Don't piss on your design before others have had a chance to look it over. That shows no confidence.

Green represents life, growth and a new start, which is what this company offers by "completing" the person.

I look at this in a positive way, even after reading your explanation.

And senterbrands, what is the function here? I'd be interested to hear you expand on this.

kaimere said on Jun. 01 '07

lol ... i think dude was saying the clients self description was trite ... since he say he thinks the logo turned out pretty good ....

senterbrands said on Jun. 01 '07

"The concept of the logo was to convey incompleteness"...the incomplete balance of the logo achieves the goals of the mark the client wanted.

willuper said on Jun. 01 '07

The meaning of the accent is to simply establish uniqueness. They wanted it to have a European feel, hence the pronunciation.

willuper said on Jun. 01 '07

Oh yeah . . .

'kaimere' is right my problem was with the client, not the design. I did respect the passion they had and the self worth they got out of what they do. I just don't agree with the casual attitude, and over abundance, of cosmetic surgery these days.

dreamerworx said on Jun. 01 '07

So clean and organic :) Nice job!!!

waltermurray said on Jun. 02 '07

Nice execution and overall result. Just wanted to know if this logo will always sit on a green background with the gradient, If not what does it look like on white?

willuper said on Jun. 03 '07

Never really went too far past b&w but I decided to play with some colors before I posted it. I thought it would be nice to see it laser cut out of a metal or thick cardstock business card or some letterhead.


Craven91 said on Jun. 04 '07

Oh I got it now - it was a burn on the client. I got confused for a minute.

I like the b/w version willuper.

waltermurray said on Jun. 05 '07

I like this and I think it would look slick in metal. Hey I used Flux and tweaked it a bit for Copro. Thanks for the comment.

Ubikweb said on Jun. 06 '07

Simple but sophisticated. Cool logo!

OcularInk said on Jun. 06 '07

Great typography.

Thomas said on Jun. 07 '07

So classy and sophisticated! Wonderful!

leorosaborges said on Aug. 28 '07

This is really nice. Lovely execution, lovely colors.

brandsimplicity said on Aug. 28 '07

Great concept and design!

qmanning said on Aug. 28 '07

I like it in general, but think there's just TOO much gestalt going on here. My eye has a hard time focusing on anything, and i get fatigued looking at it. Can't remember the last time that happened looking at a logo :p

rfrusso said on Aug. 29 '07

Simple but neat.

bpotstra said on Aug. 29 '07

Excellent type solution here. Well done!

willuper said on Aug. 30 '07

Thanks everyone.

I'm just happy to have it featured.

tilboy said on Aug. 30 '07

nice logo!

esotericsean said on Sep. 02 '07

very nice, i could easily see an animation of this.

mellr said on Feb. 27 '08


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