Giardini dopo la Pioggia

by cmyk • Uploaded: Aug. 10 '10
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Description: Italian pastry shop in Switzerland. It's a 1 woman show.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: sweetfoodpastry

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Rokac said on Aug. 10 '10

Wow, beauty.

mcdseven said on Aug. 10 '10


dannygdammit said on Aug. 10 '10

nice style. nice job.

jerron said on Aug. 10 '10


Creative Squall said on Aug. 10 '10

Nicely done. The colors are right on target.

Mikeymike said on Aug. 10 '10

beautiful work, fits the pastry business perfectly. can almost taste it.:)

cmyk said on Aug. 10 '10

Thanks a bunch! Took one hell of time. It's all hand drawn. I looked at Mucha for a long while. ;-)

firebrand said on Aug. 10 '10

Very well done. What's the story behind the peacock?

brittanykaplan said on Aug. 10 '10

really well done, love the line work

moyca said on Aug. 10 '10

Just beautiful:)

chrisrojo said on Aug. 10 '10

Yeah beautiful!

cmyk said on Aug. 10 '10

@firebrand "Giardini dopo la Pioggia" means as much as "Gardens after the Rain". And after the rain there's always sunshine (at some point). And there popped up the peacock. The wheel like sun rays and they are pretty much the signature animal of parks (at least in Europe).

firebrand said on Aug. 11 '10

Thanks for the explanation. :)

AnonyMouse said on Aug. 13 '10


thomas said on Aug. 13 '10

Damn good... Love at first sight!

logoses.com said on Aug. 15 '10

much of work in it...for sure...;-) Great design...and worked out very well...

Michaellandes13 said on Aug. 15 '10

It's a little busy for my tastes, but for a small pastry shop, it's perfect. It'll be beautiful in a picture window.

designer said on Aug. 15 '10

Very nice work! I like it!

julium said on Aug. 16 '10


levelb said on Aug. 16 '10

Wow, this is beautiful...Love the colors too!

limeshot said on Aug. 16 '10

Just gorgeous!

logoboom said on Aug. 17 '10

great style, composition and execution. a beauty.

michaelspitz said on Aug. 17 '10

Beautiful stuff indeed!

lboi said on Aug. 17 '10

oh man! this is just delicious!

pacsync said on Aug. 18 '10

looks delicate and delicious - wonderful execution!

damaraputra said on Aug. 20 '10

nuff said mate

james ewin designs said on Aug. 28 '10

Beautiful stuff!

emesghali said on Sep. 04 '10

i cant believe this. inspiring.

Chad Sanderson said on Sep. 04 '10

Agree with everyone else. This is amazing.

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