Lion Bird

by Nashifan • Uploaded: Jul. 19 '10
Gallerized Jul. '10 dc788cf994518ec8665798153ac6e2c7.png

Description: Energetic logo to show the strength of a business.

Lion of their field and at the zenith as a bird.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: BusinessEnergyStrongEnergeticBird

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hanuman shakti said on Jul. 19 '10

I see it....nice try dude...I like it.

dannygdammit said on Jul. 19 '10

I dig

ebrown said on Jul. 19 '10


giusepesm said on Jul. 19 '10


mfrank said on Jul. 19 '10

Holy crap..

nrcreative said on Jul. 19 '10

Fantastic idea! Really great mark, type is a bit weak IMO

Miciokl said on Jul. 19 '10

Very nice logo. I like it pretty much!

smylek said on Jul. 19 '10

this is great man

pilbo said on Jul. 19 '10

simply amazing!

vernics said on Jul. 19 '10

Amazing execution :)

METIME said on Jul. 19 '10

very nice...i would fix 'strong hold' underneath. it appears off center...although i don't think there is a need to make it the length of the words above it. keep it tight.

brandsimplicity said on Jul. 19 '10

That's kick-a$$ buddy!

danieltaborda said on Jul. 19 '10

Amazing mark! Type needs work, IMO. Especially "strong hold".

ru_ferret said on Jul. 19 '10

That's a really cool mark!

spiraled said on Jul. 20 '10

Woah! That's amazing

Mikeymike said on Jul. 20 '10

this is really cool. fantastic look to this.

MunRra said on Jul. 20 '10

Kickass!!! excelent!!

james said on Jul. 20 '10

I've not read the other comments, but really cool concept and nicely executed. Good work man.

Gal said on Jul. 20 '10

Good idea.

nashifan said on Jul. 20 '10

Thank you all mates !!! APPRECIATE your comments :)

daxar said on Jul. 21 '10

Wow! Very clever.

donadelli said on Jul. 21 '10



teon said on Jul. 22 '10

You made me sad.

Lilfairie said on Jul. 22 '10

my gosh, this is awesome!

onesummer said on Jul. 23 '10

definitely cool. I wish the subtitle was center aligned though. instead of separately right justified and left justified with the main type words.

davishama said on Jul. 23 '10

This one is awesome :)

fauzone said on Jul. 24 '10

Great! Absolutely love this one :-)

chiclogic said on Jul. 24 '10

Fabulous logo! It made a do double take. I like looks with subtle qualities like this one.

awaqenin said on Jul. 25 '10


taulant said on Jul. 27 '10

This is very bright and very well executed.

paikokgitu said on Jul. 29 '10

nice visual gestalt there Nashifan

peterehat said on Jul. 30 '10

Dooood! That's crazy good. I love it!

ahmetbarin said on Jul. 31 '10

Woooooow nice

sokol said on Aug. 06 '10

WOW! very nice idea!

philipbrunner said on Aug. 11 '10

Very Nice!

nashifan said on Aug. 16 '10

Thank you all mates !!! :)

vasvari said on Aug. 16 '10

Really nice work nashifan!

gleighly said on Aug. 17 '10

I LOVE this design!!

danieltaborda said on Aug. 19 '10

Yeah! Now it's perfect! Well done!

aldrich said on Aug. 25 '10

love it! amazing job!

you might want to look at this.. i have a feeling someone got TOO inspired by your work.


nashifan said on Aug. 29 '10

Thank you guys !!!
@aldrich I don't think he's inspired by my work, it has been submitted before I did... yeah it happens sometimes ... we designers come across with identical thoughts :)
Thank you for the link... :)

epicantus said on Sep. 02 '10

Wow! Excellent work!

Liza Rock Designs said on Oct. 05 '10


aaronmccall said on Apr. 18 '11

This is super cool.

davecc said on Jul. 08 '11

ohh wow!

web designs inspiration said on Jan. 07 '12

A great design is simple and good art design inspires creative ideas.

manudesign said on May. 30 '14

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