by QueenCityStudio • Uploaded: Jul. 07 '10
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Description: This logo was recently selected to be featured in the next LogoLounge book (VI) which is due to be released February 2011.

Concept: This was a strange project because the company made quilts but didn't want the logo to convey that at all. The owner loves Okapi's, and wanted the logo to feel "natural and established". So, after drawing many styles of Okapi's, we arrived at a grazing pose, using brown and tan, and added texture to give the logo a worn feel.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: queencitystudionatureokapianimals

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raja said on Jul. 07 '10

so stylistic - mission accomplished - and congratz!

nido said on Jul. 07 '10

^agreed... great style...

oronoz ® said on Jul. 07 '10

Nice one mate!!

dannygdammit said on Jul. 07 '10

awesome! is the type readable if the logo gets smaller?

vernics said on Jul. 07 '10

Love it! very nice :)

Mad Skimo said on Jul. 07 '10

This is what I call good stuff!

Mikeymike said on Jul. 07 '10

great looking piece. very cool.

brandsimplicity said on Jul. 07 '10

Totally in love with textures at the moment, you have done a great job here.

nrcreative said on Jul. 07 '10

Fantastic work, has a great feel to it!

OcularInk said on Jul. 07 '10

Great style and texture. Definitely feels natural and established. In my opinion, there's some better fonts out there that offer a more natural and established feel, but hardly worth mentioning since it still works with this one.

koodoz said on Jul. 07 '10

Gorgeous. Congrats on the selection for LogoLounge 6

Hayes Image said on Jul. 07 '10

The type seems to look a bit thin for the mark...but, the mark is lovley!! :)

andreiu said on Jul. 08 '10

beautiful technique!

dotflo said on Jul. 08 '10

great texture, love it

queencitystudio said on Jul. 08 '10

Wow! Thank you everyone for the positive comments, means a lot.

limeshot said on Jul. 08 '10

Oh, gorgeous logo! Love the texture, and the colour.

lboi said on Jul. 08 '10

love this one!

contrast8 said on Jul. 09 '10

amazing logo..

red5dsd said on Jul. 09 '10

Great mark, great illustration.

sunfirex9 said on Jul. 10 '10

this logo is functional as it is beautiful

zka said on Jul. 11 '10

nicely done!

james ewin designs said on Sep. 14 '10

Floated a while back but just stumbled on this beauty again... had to comment this time; amazing work!

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