Fun in the Run logo

by levelb • Uploaded: Jun. 22 '10
Gallerized Jun. '10 416bccfc969a95227429e6c210e2c9ec.png

Description: Logo for my neighborhood's first annual festival

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: IowaDes Moinesvintageretrorun

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itsgareth said on Jun. 23 '10

I like it

firebrand said on Jun. 23 '10

Cool. I have on old polish tin like this.

mcdseven said on Jun. 23 '10

great use of typography. really like this

levelb said on Jun. 23 '10

Thanks everyone! I tend to design on the retro side. This was one of those freebies projects that I kept putting off until the very last minute. Maybe i should procrastinate on my other logo projects! :-)

OcularInk said on Jun. 23 '10

^ ^ LOL...this is beautiful.

nickosma said on Jun. 23 '10

good work

oronoz ® said on Jun. 23 '10

Great work here!!

JoePrince said on Jun. 23 '10

I love the look to this.

logomotive said on Jun. 23 '10

Great Work LevelB

Hayes Image said on Jun. 23 '10

Great stuff!! :)

dannygdammit said on Jun. 23 '10

ahh so pleasure-ful to the eyes. nicely balanced!

dotflo said on Jun. 23 '10

great look and feel

Logomania said on Jun. 24 '10

wow such a great and simple solution...beautiful!

esotericsean said on Jun. 24 '10

Your neighbor has a festival at their house?

Love the logo, though. I want a t-shirt with that on it. :)

anzo said on Jun. 24 '10

Great design. Did you consider having the lower line that wraps the edge connect to the "n" in run instead of it being connected to the same line the the "R" is tied to?

levelb said on Jun. 24 '10

Thanks again for all the compliments guys!

@anzo...that is a very good point! I hadn't thought about that but it give it a nice balance. I might have to give that a try. if anything it will be for my portfolio since the shirts are being printed now. If anyone is in Des Moines, IA on July 17th, stop by! :-)

matthymes said on Jun. 28 '10

I really like this, even the choice of color is superb, nice work.

BK said on Jun. 29 '10

sweet retro feel, nice work!

Gioia said on Jun. 30 '10

wow!!very cool

digitalreligion said on Jul. 16 '10

Very nice. Stands out great. Reminds me of old school hockey style logos they used to put on the pucks.

mabu said on Sep. 05 '10

Spot on man.

mikxel said on Sep. 16 '10

Design like this makes me stare. And stare. And then... finally... hit... back.

creatibros said on Feb. 04 '11

This is great my friend. kUDOS. I find it really interesting to achieve logos with that many typographies... Theyre all basic ones or custom?

levelb said on Feb. 07 '11

Thanks Pedro! They are all built off an existing typeface, but modified to fit.

glassocean said on Nov. 28 '14

I would very much like you commission you to make a logo for me using this style. I can't seem to message you thru this site however.

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