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by ericsapp • Uploaded: Apr. 27 '10


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Description: A logo design for Salt Lake Magazine, with a familiar take on the original design. I chose to re-create a similar design that the publication already uses, but using a different font-type that is easy on the eyes. The "emblem" design is an updated look to a design in the magazine (featured in the Arts & Entertainment section).
Status: Work in progress
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Lets Discuss

jmrygh Apr. 27 '10

Eric ... wow ... I think it looks fantastic. I really like the %22button%22 ... it's sleek. The font you used is great ... it's bold, eye-catching and easy to read. Great job! :%5D

universe8000 Apr. 27 '10

This screams magazine or newspaper logo. The logo is really well done, it needs to be a iphone app icon. All of the typography is great. Good job.

universe8000 Apr. 27 '10

Sorry to make another comment but I noticed you have it set to %22commenting fine%22. Make sure you have that changed to %22needs comments%22 so you can get more feedback %3B)

yelds Apr. 28 '10

the typography is awful.

Darin Rushing Apr. 28 '10

I like the color but the title font seems a little crammed together. The button is cool and could stand alone

mboulton Apr. 28 '10

I really like the little button with just the %22sl%22 in it, I think that as a logo could stand alone and the color in it is really great. I don't really like how the words %22salt lake%22 are all connected, the font doesn't really work well in spelling stuff out in my opinion it seems to work better for initials. I also think you should try a san-serif font for the text under Salt Lake, I don't think the serif fits in there.

ericsapp Apr. 28 '10

Thanks for the feedback everyone, and yes I do agree the typography is horrible and could be re-done. Though, I had to modify it enough to make it my %22own%22 without just using the original logo (which I would like to use rather than my poor attempt at re-creating an offshoot). If you check out the magazine sometime, you can see where I tried to go with it being similar, but I feel as if it could be re-worked.**However, my boss has said that they would like to possibly use %22the button%22 in their future issues, so I guess that's really where it all comes down do!

jtgordon2003 Apr. 28 '10

I agree with the font. I could honestly just see the SL being the logo just by itself. Colors are great and stands out.

calebyoung1206 Apr. 29 '10

I'm not really big on the salt lake part, from what you said about a more modern feel I really think that the SL button would be just fine along with the tagline. Love the look and feel of it though. Great job.

engar Apr. 29 '10

Errr no... i particulary feel the mark has no presence on itself other than the web 2.0 effect you placed on it, remove that and I can't see anything it can hold to. **Just try again :) You'll do better next time. G luck!

DJA81 May. 04 '10

engar, if you have nothing constructive to HELP him out, then please feel free to not comment at all. Eric, I will say I like the simplicity of it and does look like something you would see on a magazine.

barryconvex May. 04 '10

This isn't high school where you can expect someone else to spoon-feed you the basics of design. Why doesn't your class spend more energy on practicing instead of writing bogus critiques?


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