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Description: Travel agency. Note the raised "o", we enjoyed the many connotations of longitude / latitude and temperature degree mark.
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Status: Client work
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Tags: location geo positioning earth latitude

Lets Discuss

OcularInk May. 04 '07

Exactly what CD said.

Gandr May. 05 '07

Very fresh, love the font%3Bit seems almost a little Atlantian to me. Whats the name of the it (the font)?

chanpion May. 05 '07

Geez, how did I miss this in the view all section?! It makes me want to book a holiday right now. Man do I need one. (Or do I speak for all of you?!)

bpotstra May. 07 '07

...just fix up the tagline and you've got a great logo! Well done!

doc4 May. 07 '07

bpotstra, there are some obvious problems with the tag line. Normally when used at a smaller size the tag line is beefed up for readabilities sake. In most cases the tag line is left off. Just so you know, I'm aware of the issue.

doc4 May. 07 '07

Gandr, the font was Centaur MT before being modified in various ways.

secretmidnight May. 08 '07

Lovely logo, the font is really nice. It reminds me of Optimus Princeps (sp?). %22Your Journey. Our Passion%22 - sounds like a ripoff of Microsoft's %22Your Potential, Our Passion%22 tagline. That's really the only qualm I have with it.

doc4 May. 10 '07

Secretmidnight: I can't lay claim to the tag line, I was allowed the honor of creating the company name though. I had no idea Microsoft had such a similar tag line, fortunatly I'm a Mac user :)

secretmidnight May. 13 '07

Doc4, it's a good tagline nonetheless. Purina use it too - %22Your Cat. Our Passion%22. Lol. %0D*%0D*How do you mean 'fortunately' you're a Mac user? I'm not sure I understand. :)%0D*

doc4 May. 13 '07

secret: What I mean is, I use a Mac and not a PC so I've never seen that tag line. I looked it up though and you're right. I can't believe Purina is using something so close as well. If I had known I would have at consulted them on the use of an alternative.

doc4 Feb. 15 '08

Just to clear things up a bit, the company created their own tag line. I had no idea this was so similar to so many others. It's a little funny when you think about it. Even Tyson's tagline %22Have you had your Tyson today%22 continuously reminds me of Atari's tagline %22Have you played Atari today%22 not to mention Tyson's %22Powered by%22 crapline. I even sent the concept team fifty examples of %22Powered by this or Powered by that%22 but they wouldn't listen. So they ripped off two %22hip%22 taglines and sold them for 75 million. Of course I would have used %22fueled by%22 thanks to the Tenacious D at least that would have been a little less used.


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