Adam Sturm

I am owner of Seegull Media, my new media and graphics company with focus on design, photography and video production services.

Seegull Media, in essence, is one man with many talents. That man is me, Adam Sturm. Designer by day, husband by night, I began my journey to create Seegull Media after I graduated from Ball State University and moved to New York City. My first passion was videography, and while working for podcastGO I directed, shot, edited and built over 40 unique shows. From there, I began honing my photography skills. After adding photography to my arsenal, I turned to design. My first website was a portfolio for myself. From there, I began designing websites and logos for clients professionally, for which I have won several contests. After years of developing my varied skillsets, I wanted to create a company that utilized every aspect of my many talents. Thus, Seegull Media was born.


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