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by Respiro • Uploaded: Jan. 17 '08 - Gallerized: Jan. '08


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Description: This logo was designed for Ms. Billie Jo Konze, actress. It was born out of the unification of two symbols: the smiling part of the well-known theater symbol and the also well-known heart symbol.
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admarcbart Jan. 18 '08

Very cool design. I feel some of the detail could get lost or gum up in smaller sizes on print material. Maybe simplify a tad? Typeface could be a few point sizes bigger as well. All in all, it is a very nice piece.

Respiro Jan. 19 '08

Thank you for your comments!**1. This logo, as final version, is the result of my work and the input of my client. *2. %22the detail could get lost or gum up in smaller sizes on print material%22 - even if this can happen %5Bbecause of the small and colorful parts%5D I had to work according to the suggestions of my client. I was encouraged to design a very colorful logo.*3. %22the type is a bit off center?%22 - the type was placed in such way that it is centered under the main graphic symbol %5Bwithout counting the leaves from the sides%5D, the stylized heart.**Here you can view the logo in a slightly biggest size:**Thank you,*Respiro

ryantoyota Jan. 19 '08

While I appreciate that you have reasoning for the things people commented on, I don't think your reasoning is valid. If I was building a car, and my client wanted no suspension, but I knew that would destroy the car if he hit a pothole or went on a gravel road, do I do his bidding, or strongly suggest to him that he reconsider? As designers, it's our job to follow the client's direction but also intervene with our knowledge as professionals where they might not know better.**Also, complaining that you needed to have fine detail because the client requested bright colors doesn't make sense to me. Oh, and I agree that the type feels off-center, because your logo visually balances more to the left because of the rose.

onesummer Jan. 19 '08

i concur with the comments from ryan and the rest. you may want to reconsider fixing some of the mentioned issues. but seriously it is a very creative design.

mishdogg Jan. 19 '08

Whoa...very cool, man. I can't stop looking at it.

Respiro Jan. 20 '08

Ryan,**Beside that %22the type feels off-center%22, your comment is not about my work: is about my words.**I would like to assure you, that I wouldn't accept to go with a logo %5Bas final product%5D in which I wouldn't believe. **...and, yes, I believe in this logo.

Respiro Jan. 20 '08

Onesummer %26 Mishdogg - thank you!

Respiro Jan. 21 '08

Much appreciated, Alen! :)

grubedoo Apr. 29 '08

Although this logo may be somewhat cliche' I can understand and appreciate the fact that the client liked it and paid for it. I have a few logos in my portfolio that won't be favorited by anyone but were appropriate solutions.**More critically:*Printed at small sizes this logo won't work. You'd lose the small negative shapes. I'd recommend having a simplified version of the icon for such cases. If those cases will never exist this point is moot.**The composition of the icon is a bit disjointed. The floral elements pull the eye in conflicting directions and away from the logo. The spatial relationships within the icon could be tightened up as well.**I like the choice of type. The type treatment would be stronger if the repeating letters were manually altered to each look unique rather than a cheap font. This would bring more authenticity to the mark which is valuable when branding a person.**The color scheme is fantastic.


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